14 March 2008

Anyone know what is happening with BricsCAD?

WorldCAD Access from upFront.eZine reported on Jul 26, 2007 that "Frustrated with the pace of development at the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, Europe's Bricsys is working on its own development path".

Apparently they feel that they can do a better job? Reports are sketchy, but some indicate that BricsCAD plans to leave the ITC altogether. I can't help but wonder what next years BricsCAD "upgrade" will really be like. If anyone has more details about this, feel free to post them here.

Despite aggresive marketing, the BricsCAD version of
IntelliCAD has not been as successful as others, and this may contribute to the alleged decision. Meanwhile, the progeSOFT website enjoys the highest Alexa rating of any IntelliCAD brand, and Google consistently reports search interest in the name nearly matches all the other brands combined. progeSOFT investment in R&D has also doubled.

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