12 October 2015

progeCAD 3D Performance on Windows 10, 7 and 8

As of progeCAD 2016.0.8 progeCAD now supports native installation on Windows 10. Today we compared progeCAD 3D Orbit render performance on a selection of hardware and operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 - with laptop hardware provided from Microsoft, Asus and HP to the following varied graphics specifications:

  • System 1 - Windows 7, Asus i3 2.3 GHz 4G RAM, Graphics ATI 7470M RADEON
  • System 2 - Windows 8.1, HP 2.2 GHz 16G RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
  • System 3 - Windows 10 upgraded, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i7 with Intel 5000 HD

progeCAD on various ATI, NVIDIA and INTEL HD graphics
Our Parramatta test focused on 3D shading and full rendering support. Although more focused on high performance 2D plan view design and detailing, progeCAD does offer several drawing and rendering tools for 3D presentation. One tool set is the full boolean direct solid modelling using the ACIS kernel compatible with AutoCAD. Another tool is the AutoCAD-compatible SHADEMODE command. Using SHADEMODE, we can change from 3D wireframe views of mesh and solid models to easy-shaded which we can "orbit" (or spin around) in real-time via the SHIFT+Middle-Mouse-Button combination. We used this mode for benchmarking our hardware FPS (frames per second) with the help of the FRAPS utility, as shown below:

First, our IIS model was loaded SHADEMODE was then set to REALISTIC. Next we started RTROT from the command line. This was because we needed to set a different centre or rotation (by first hitting the "S" key while within RTROT) or else our model quickly rotated right off of the screen (this was because of the coordinates used to produce the drawing).
The results were actually satisfactory for both the Microsoft Surface using INTEL 5000 graphics (very decent for on-board INTEL graphics) and the NVIDIA GPU running on the HP Envy Series. FPS ranged between 20-30 FPS (24 FPS is standard digital video speed) and our model rotated very naturally. We could not say the same for the ATI graphics on the i3 ASUS. Although still useable, the ISS model flashed between frames on our ASUS-ATI and FRAPS never reported an FPS exceeding 9 frames a second. Performance was noticeable lower than on the other two systems. Movement was "jerky" and poor quality using the ATI RADEON, despite the actually higher CPU clock speed of 2.3 GHz.
In conclusion, hardware does matter. We remind users that progeCAD uses OPENGL hardware acceleration when available. Either NVIDIA or better-quality INTEL graphics prove to supply this. Also i7 CPU seems to help, especially in file loading and other command response times. We were not surprised by these results, as the performance was similar with other OPENGL-based CAD software that we work with here. Should progeCAD users upgrade to Windows 10? ONLY IF THEY HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF PROGECAD 2016. For more information about OS and hardware compatibility for this low cost AutoCAD alternative or upgrading, contact CADDIT Australia at this link.

22 September 2015

New Geomagic Design Features & How to Move a License

Geomagic Design offers the best of both worlds with robust feature-based parametric modelling side-by-side with direct editing tools for manipulating imported geometry from STEP, Parasolid, Inventor and other 3D CAD software, at a comparatively affordable price. With the release of Geomagic Design 2015.1 (17.1.0) will come several new features available to software subscribers as part of their product update. Updated MCAD file format support will help ensure ongoing model read/write interoperability with newer versions of 3rd party CAD systems like Solidworks and Siemens Solid Edge.

Two new features provided in the 2015.1 update will be associative assembly mirroring and "live linking" with KeyShot rendering software. Both features will save time for designers.

Assembly Mirror Component feature allows designers to create mirror-reverse instances of existing parts and subassemblies across a selected plane. This mirror feature can maintain associativity and reflect changes made to the parent instance, including motion etc. Live linking with KeyShot likewise saves design time by allowing designers to update scenes with new geometry from the Geomagic Design model while keeping all existing scene settings, material bitmaps and light positions. Below is a video released by 3D Systems demonstrating an early version of this functionality:


For users of previous versions of Alibre or Geomagic Design, these new features add to the value of the excellent flat-rate upgrade-and-update amnesty offer on CADDIT.net. Questions about Geomagic Design CAD Software can be submitted to CADDIT here.

Speaking of questions, several users have been asking about how it is possible to "move" a license using the new Flexnet license management for Geomagic Design. Simply stated, the software is deactivated from the "License Key Status" on one PC and activated on another. Without a license activation, Geomagic Design will ask for one each time it is started. If the license code is already activated on another PC, this license can be made free again using these steps as shown below: 1) Make sure the current system is connected to the internet. From the Home Window of Geomagic Design click "Help" -> "About Geomagic Design". 2) Click the "License Key Status" button. 3) Select "Virtual Dongle":

4) Click "Deactivation" from the Virtual Dongle functions. Select your license and click the grey arrow (lower right of box) to proceed. Once the license is deactivated online, it can be activated on the new target PC/Laptop/etc:

Geomagic Design users wishing to move their license offline, without use of an internet connection, may consider purchase of a hardware USB dongle available from CADDIT here.

09 September 2015

Affordable AutoCAD Upgarde Alternative for Windows 10

Sydney, Australia  08 September 2015 - CADDIT announces the release of progeCAD for Windows 7, 8 and now Windows 10. progeCAD has long been regarded as the leading fully-compatible alternative to Autodesk AutoCAD software in Australia. This latest upgrade is available free of charge to all existing progeCAD 2016 registered users and may be downloaded as a full trial version from CADDIT.net. A significant new feature of the new progeCAD 2016 update is full support for Microsoft Windows 10 operating system as demonstrated on this Surface Pro 3:

progeCAD 2016 running on Windows 10 / Surface Pro 3

Users of previous versions of progeCAD, AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and similar software products are encouraged to download the free progeCAD trial version, which will run full-feature and obligation free for 30 days from CADDIT Australia. progeCAD includes critical features like AutoCAD-like drawing commands for DWG file reading and writing, PDF printing and conversion back to CAD, iCADlib block library, dynamic block and cursor and fast OpenGL graphics engine. Collectively packaged at a price still under AUD$600 with USB and floating network license options, progeCAD 2016 delivers unprecedented value. These features have all been now tested and upgraded to work with Windows 10.

Previous versions of various CAD programs may not be compatible with Windows 10. Users are encouraged to take this opportunity to take advantage of the affordable pricing when considering their upgrade options. For further information about how progeCAD, contact CADDIT in Parramatta.

24 August 2015

Upgrade Alibre or Geomagic Design Any Version to V17, Special Offer

CADDIT announces a limited, one-time maintenance fee which will allow CAD users to upgrade to the most current version of Geomagic Design from any previous version of either Alibre- or Geomagic Design. Any customer in Australia who bought Alibre Personal, Alibre Professional, Alibre Design Expert and Geomagic Design Elements, and who are not on current maintenance can subscribe now for one flat fee on the CADDIT.net website until December 31, 2015. Maintenance subscribers receive all updates and support from 3D Systems for a one-year period after booking, so for outdated / lapsed users this represents an excellent return on the original investment and an opportunity to migrate over to the new license system. Note that the exact AUD price is subject to change. Offer applies only to each seat of purchased software. Multiple installed seats on one license will be charged separately. Dongle and network fees may apply seperately.  This offer does not apply to the AlibreCAM, Mfiles/Vault or Dynamics add-ons.

For one flat fee, any user of previous versions of Alibre or Geomagic Design can now update - includes hobby users.
As previously announced, newer versions of Geomagic Design now use a new serial-key based floating license which requires occasional connection to the internet for verification purposes. Users with problematic internet, or having no internet, may wish to take advantage of the new Geomagic Design USB license dongle instead. The USB dongle can be ordered on the same page as CADDIT Geomagic Subscription Renewals.

These offers are only valid for online purchases placed using the following web link:

At a highly affordable price point, Geomagic Design delivers top-end tools at lower cost, including comprehensive assembly, parametric and direct editing tools, 2D documentation, sheet metal design, motion analysis and integrated CAD data sharing tools. For more information about 3D Systems Australia, Geomagic Design or this promotion, contact CADDIT HERE.