27 September 2022

progeCAD 22.0.14 Free Update Released

 Sydney, Australia 26 September - CADDIT announces the immediate availability of the 2022.0.14 patch update for all progeCAD 2022 license types. This update is free for all up-to-date users of progeCAD Professional 2022 Single License (stand-alone), Portable Travel-USB and Network License types. It may be downloaded either through the progeCAD software update, or directly as a complete installation package from the CADDIT website. progeCAD is a general purpose AutoCAD-compatible 2D and 3D technical drawing software used by thousands of Australian businesses and government agencies.

This progeCAD update offers minor improvements in multiple functional areas, including Superhatch and Hatch island detection, Tables and Table Styles, ease of use and appearance issues. These include:

•    Fixed crash selecting specific hatch
•    Fixed zoom on entity in FIND command without "zoom after replace" option
•    Margins set in Table Style are now loaded correctly in table creation menu
•    Fixed EATTEDIT prompt messages
•    Fixed open of drawing with bad constraints
•    Fixed behavior of prompt boxes. Added new variable PROMPTBOXES to enable/disable prompt boxes. Right click menu is now regulated only by the variable SHORTCUTMENU
•    Now creating a new table style copies the base one successfully
•    Fixed Table Styles preview
•    Added "Match Cell" and "Field" buttons to Table Cell context ribbon
•    Fixed prompt menu when command is not active
•    Added "Alignement" button to the Table toolbar for the Classic workspaces
•    Fixed crash using table with block in cell
•    Fixed freeze searching closed boundary in a drawing
•    Fixed SUPERHATCH with circle island in area
•    Fixed SUPERHATCH with rectangular "hole" in area
•    Added double click to edit block in table cell
•    Fixed crash on edit table cell with block. Using "Format Locking" option
•    Added "Block" button to "Insert" panel of "Table Cell" contextual ribbon
•    Added TBB and TINSERT aliases of TABLEINSERTBLK command
•    Fixed ARC command from Lisp
•    Fixed contextual menu on mouse button down
•    Removed display of options list when DYNMODE < 0
•    Changed ZOOM level on FIND command, Implemented FINDZOOMSCALE variable to set scale zoom level (default 5.0)
•    Improved drawing templates dropdown menu in Start Page. Now it will display a vertical scrollbar if the list of the templates is too long

Question about this update for progeCAD 2022 can be submitted through the CADDIT website.

03 January 2022

progeCAD 2022 Milestone AutoCAD Alternative Released on CADDIT.net

 Sydney, Australia 3 January - CADDIT Announces the release of progeCAD 2022 on CADDIT.net for Australia and New Zealand. progeCAD is an advanced general-purpose 2D and 3D CAD package with similar commands to AutoCAD but with perpetual license and lower price. CADDIT has been supporting progeCAD users in the Australia/New Zealand region for almost fifteen years.  Now, after months of thorough testing, the CADDIT team is happy to announce their official release of this milestone product version.

progeCAD 2022 from CADDIT Australia
progeCAD 2022 from CADDIT Australia

progeCAD 2022 from CADDIT Australia offers a dramatic feature update over previous versions. 2D Drafting now includes a fully-implemented and hugely improved interface for drawing text and data TABLES, including improved cell support and a full list of FIELD types. Data cell selection now seamlessly brings up a full text editor. DIESEL fields are now properly implemented and real-time spell checking has been added for text. MTEXT likewise has new support for clear and strike-through formatting, as well as better symbol- sub- and super-script support. progeCAD 2022 now offers the much-anticipated SHEET SET MANAGER displays, publishes and manages sheet sets, a named collection of drawing sheets. Each sheet in a Sheet Set is a layout in a drawing (DWG) file.

A new geometry solver improves reliability for almost all drawing commands like Trim, Chamfer, Fillet, Hatch etc. General performance improvements have also been made to FILE open speeds, REGEN, SAVE, AUTOSAVE as well as the end user's experience in OSNAP, LAYOUT and many other commands. General interface improvements have been made to the program's START page, VIEW MANAGER, SETTINGS window, CUI customization dialog and the ARRAY command. Feature GROUP handling is now offered in progeCAD via the new GROUPEDIT command, complete with visualization grips. Several new tools will save estimators time in progeCAD, such as the new TOTALAREA command which gives the sum total of multiple selected closed entities, the new ATTSYNC command which updates attributes for all block instances (useful for updating material lists) or IMPOINT which automates the creation of new points, polylines or splines from coordinates in a text file. TPNAVIGATE has also been added for palette navigation, which can be helpful for users who create or use multiple tool palettes.

progeCAD 2022 new TABLE and FIELD support
New TABLE and FIELD interface for progeCAD 2022

progeCAD 2022 now supports all new Spacemouse and CADmouse models from 3DConnexion. This can be an absolute boon for end users doing a lot of 3D design in progeCAD. 3D Solids now fully support the use of GRIPS for direct editing. a new 3D STEEL library for quick 3D weldment design in progeCAD has also been added.

A free no-obligation thirty-day trial of progeCAD 2022 can be downloaded directly from CADDIT Australia here, even if you have downloaded progeCAD before. Due to the significant improvements made to this software for this version, we need to repeat our usual call for existing users to strongly consider a low cost upgrade to progeCAD 2022 stand-alone, USB or Network licenses. We plan to publish several more in-depth reviews of the important new features in progeCAD 2022. Please contact CADDIT at their Sydney office with any questions.

08 September 2021

progeCAD 2022 Coming Soon: Free Upgrade Offer Begins


Sydney, Australia 7 September - CADDIT announces the free upgrade to 2022 version for all progeCAD purchases on or after 01 September 2021. progeCAD is a powerful general-purpose 2D and 3D CAD solution very similar to AutoCAD, with additional tools and a lower cost. With progeCAD, designers have a professional yet affordable perpetual-license alternative to high-cost AutoCAD rental fees, with the ability to create, read, write and edit native AutoCAD DWG and DXF files fluently using and interface very similar to what AutoCAD already know. Based in Sydney, CADDIT has been supporting progeCAD users in Australia, New Zealand and surrounds for more than twelve years.


Much of what will come in 2022 is still confidential but we have several detail which we can pass on now. Significant effort has been invested in making progeCAD 2022 a truly cutting-edge release that is stable and reliable from initial release. Many improvements are still confidential during an internal testing period. What we can expect are new features for the AEC industry with further improvements to BIM and REVIT compatibility, as well.  Many features are expected to be completely re-worked or refactored, such as the MTEXT and TABLE elements. Pursuant to last year's improvements in hardware acceleration, this year progeCAD 2022 release is expected to offer many new improvements in 3D view handling, modelling and new 3D content specifically targeted to architects and structural engineers working in steel. GUI customization will also be improved with several new commands.


A detailed list of these new features will be released soon, but we are delighted to share what we know now and begin offering the free upgrade to all customers. progeCAD 2021 can be downloaded now as a free 30-day trial. As in previous years, all new licenses as well as upgrades for existing licenses, including single stand-alone, floating NLM network, USB and total office licenses, purchased on or after 1 September 2021 will be entitled to the same for progeCAD 2022 upon our announcement. Multiple purchases will qualify for multiple upgrades. progeCAD Upgrades will also qualify, again as in the past. As in past, eligible users with a USB upgrade will usually not be required to replace their hardware dongle for the next version. We are really excited about the upcoming new release and making those upgrade entitlements available well in advance. So watch this space over the next weeks as more details and images become available. Contact CADDIT Australia for more information about progeCAD or this upgrade offer.

28 October 2020

progeCAD 2021 Release with Improved GPU Graphics

 Sydney, Australia 20 October - CADDIT Announces the release of progeCAD 2021 on CADDIT.net for Australia and New Zealand. Based in Sydney, CADDIT has been supporting progeCAD users in Australia, New Zealand and surrounds for more than twelve years. progeCAD is a powerful general-purpose 2D and 3D CAD package which offers very similar work environment as AutoCAD, with additional tools and  lower price. progeCAD 2021 offers multiple improvements in areas of graphics performance, interface handling and file format support. After several months of per-release field testing, CADDIT is pleased to follow our global partners with the release of this version.

progeCAD, like most CAD systems, offers both simple software CPU-driven graphics and much faster hardware GPU-driven graphics. The hardware graphics offered in progeCAD uses the common OPENGL graphics language, supported at least in part by most modern graphics cards. OPENGL compatible graphics are offered by a variety of NVIDIA and Intel GPU like NVIDIA QUADRO, NVIDIA GTX and even on-board "business graphics" offered by Intel. There are different versions of OpenGL and most modern requirements call for at least OpenGL version 4 supported by Intel HD (since Haswell, excluding older Intel "Ivy Bridge" drivers which only supported OpenGL 3). "Software" graphics on the other hand, do not use any GPU, but emulate 3D graphics instructions to the main CPU. This is an even slower than Intel HD "on board" graphics, but also a bit cheaper (although most modern PCs/laptops at least offer Intel Graphics). Which graphics are most suitable depends on job size and user situation.

Details of the updated "Graphics Performance Panel"
Details of the updated "Graphics Performance Panel" with (1) Option to use hardware or software graphics (2) Optimization options new in progeCAD 2021  (3) Installed GPU list


Two new GPU optimization options are shown in 2021 Performance Options panel:

Hide small entity in block: This saves GPU bandwidth by masking the most insignificant features of block instances, hiding them as invisible. NOTE this does not affect printing, block printing is still in full detail. The job of this option is strictly to increase display efficiency.

Use Frame buffer object display system: Also new in progeCAD 2021 - this introduces dedicated memory for GPU temporary display storage as another method of optimization, commonly known as a frame buffer. As most NVIDIA cards include their own graphics memory, this option is mainly for lower-cost Intel on-board graphics which actually use system RAM for frame buffering. This will be especially useful option to enable on lower-cost laptops, Microsoft Surface Pro, etc without NVIDIA graphics but having something like the Intel UHD 5000 GPU.

progeCAD 2021 also has included a number of other new graphics optimizations for cropped and large size XREFS handling, improved realtime CONCEPTUAL and REALISTIC rendering performance, better ISOLINE display as well as optimizations for drawings with active shading. Note that a number of third party hardware options have been specifically discussed in this article to assist users with the general principles to make the best decision for their own choice of CAD hardware. A final note especially about Intel on-board "business" graphics: we have found significant performance improvement simply by updating to the latest driver version for the GPU.

progeCAD 2021 is now available for free download on CADDIT.net. CADDIT re-affirms their commitment to perpetual non-rental licensing for all progeCAD license types including simple single stand-alone PC licenses, portable USB licenses and floating network NLM licenses. We encourage users to consider the new options discussed in this article to help them in their choice to use progeCAD. Contact CADDIT Australia for more information about progeCAD or new features offered in progeCAD 2021.