11 December 2017

progeCAD 2018 Update Free for Existing Users

progeCAD has been released on CADDIT.net, with free upgrade entitlement for all existing progeCAD 2018 users. progeCAD is an affordable general-purpose CAD drawing package with similar commands and workflow to AutoCAD, native DWG file read/write and extensive publishing/translation features. Advanced progeCAD features include full 3D rendering, extensive symbols library and Express Tools similar to those offered in AutoCAD. Using progeCAD, designers can seamlessly communicate with an AutoCAD environment. progeCAD updates 8.0.6 and  8.0.8 improves performance and addresses a number of reported issues. These improvements include several significant improvement for users with high-DPI displays:

  • Official support for Windows 10 FALL CREATORS update
  • Improved quality for icon transparency
  • Better UI experience for custom control with high DPI
  • Added DPI Aware settings in options dialog
  • Improved drag of blocks on x86 version with DRAGDETAIL > 0 
  • Added check to avoid crash while closing, when IRX applications uses point monitoring
  • Added Layer support in PUBLISH PDF (batch printing)
  • Added detection and correction of possible PDF/JPG printers activation issues after OS update
  • Fixed crash when TABLE command is called multiple times 
  • Changed the file name of the ones saved during emergency save when crash occurred
  • Added opening of .SV$ files during drawing recovery
  • Fixed height of command list items in 4k high DPI monitor
  • Fixed height of items in layer toolbar combo box in 4k high DPI monitor
  • Fixed height of items in toolbar combo box in 4k high DPI monitor
  • Improved stability when using grips on dynamic blocks
progeCAD 2018 release is now quite well tested for supporting a variety of environments, and is still available for free trial download in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. progeCAD's flexibility makes it practical as a low-cost design solution for a variety of Australian and overseas industries including architecture, landscaping, land survey and GIS, mining, advertizing and signage design, fabrication, spa and pool design, kitchen and bath, cabinetry and many others.

Users of previous progeCAD versions are strongly encouraged to consider upgrade to 2018, for better compatibility with AutoCAD as well as the ongoing updates for Microsoft Windows. A full price list for all upgrade options, including multiple stand-alone, USB and floating network licenses, can be found on the CADDIT website here (link). A fully enabled 30-day trial can also be downloaded. Additional questions about progeCAD features or upgrade options can be sent directly to CADDIT Australia via the Contact Us page. 

08 August 2017

Alibre Returns with New Licensing and Free Upgrade Promotion

Sydney, Australia  07 August 2017 - CADDIT and Alibre LLC together announce a new future for Alibre users. Alibre, LLC based in Houston Texas USA recently acquired all rights to any materials from 3D SYSTEMS related to Geomagic Design. Since then a new product and licensing has been in development, which we can now announce release for on the CADDIT.net website. Alibre Design will continue its focus on affordable 3D parametric mechanical design for the Windows platform. Alibre Design is an intuitive, easy-to-use mechanical design system offering advanced features like Keyshot 3D rendering and optional FEA analysis.

New licensing. Alibre will move away from Flexera to now use a similar online activation system from Nalpeiron, along with several updated license options. Alibre will not offer a USB dongle option. Geomagic Design users with a USB license from 3D Systems will be offered a Nalpeiron "offline" license instead (this license type uses an email activation, see http://docs.nalpeiron.com/display/NND/NSL+V10+-+Offline+Activation ) There will continue to be a floating network license option. At this time, Nalpeiron licensing is stored in local user profile, within C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Alibre Design. To reset the activation of Alibre Design, simply delete all file inside this directory. Otherwise, moving Alibre licenses will operate in a similar way as they did with Geomagic Design.

Free upgrade. Because Alibre's Nalpeiron-based licensing is not compatible with 3D System's Flexera system, everyone with a valid Geomagic Design license from October 2015 and later will be moved to Alibre 2017 without charge, see https://www.alibre.com/alibre-llc-faq/. Essentially this consitutes a free upgrade for everyone having a valid Geomagic Design license from October 2015 or later. Previous Geomagic Design users who were still on the original Alibre CRM licensing system (e.g. Alibre 2013) will not be upgraded for free. In such case a valid Alibre Design subscription will be required for the user to move to the new licensing system. More information will be following soon.

CADDIT is happy to continue offering Alibre Design as a cost-effective 3D mechanical design option and we look forward to the upcoming releases under new management of the software. We ask users to be patient during the transition period. Further questions can be directed to CADDIT via our CONTACT US page: https://www.caddit.net/store/index.php?main_page=contact_us

22 May 2017

progeCAD 2018 Released on CADDIT.net with New Artisan Render

Sydney, Australia  22 May 2017 - CADDIT announces the release of progeCAD 2018 Professional on the website for immediate download. progeCAD is a flexible general-purpose CAD drawing program that is used in many industries, including architectural design, fabrication shops, landscaping, strata and property management, mechanical design and many more. progeCAD is the long-standing low cost alternative for AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® software in Australia. progeCAD 2018 continues to offer perpetual license options (no rental or annual subscription required) and is tested for compatibility on Windows 7 through to Windows 10, both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. All progeCAD 2018 licenses now include Artisan for progeCAD - a new 3D rendering tool for creating business presentation-quality 3D graphics from progeCAD models and drawings.

New presentation-quality 3D rendering with free rendering add-on

progeCAD 2018 refines the native 64-bit performance first introduced last year with improved general performance and reliability. Major improvement in progeCAD Microstation V8 file interoperability now offers users complete ability to open, save, create, and edit .dgn files in native Microstation V8 DGN format. progeCAD further now supports the Microstation .dgnlib,.rdl,.cel formats. Users now also may use geometry from PDF and DGN underlays as an ESNAP reference. This example demonstrates the close read/write compatibility that progeCAD also offers for users with files from Bentley Microstation now:

    Microstation imported to progeCAD and saved again
progeCAD .DGN read back into Microstation V8i           
Development has also completed on a number of other new features. The progeCAD PDF printer now supports PDF printing with layers. Point cloud import now supports LIDAR scan data .las and .laz (compressed) formats. Land planning and civil engeering teams will also greatly benefit from the new support of ESRI Shape import. The shapefile format is a popular geospatial vector data format for geographic information system (GIS) software. It is developed and regulated by ESRI as a (mostly) open specification for data interoperability among ESRI and other GIS software products.

progeCAD 2018 offers a completely new in-place MTEXT editor. Extensive implementation of Fade controls for XREFerences and locked layers ships as well. progeCAD 2018 also delivers additional support for AutoCAD VPMIN and VPMAX for maximizing and minimizing viewports, as well as implementing the Superhatch command accessible through the Express Tools menu has been introduced to create amazing hatches out of images, blocks, external references and wipeout objects. progeCAD 2018 further delivers:
Contextual Ribbons
Toolbars locking
Clickable Command Prompt Options (string options on command line can be selected with mouse)
New Advanced Rename interface
New Array Interface
Support for variable DIMLAYER
Support for variable HPLAYER and HPTRASPARENCY (Default layer for Hatch and level of Hatch transparency)
3D Sub Entity selection (selection of Faces and Edges on 3D objects)
TEXTFRONT Command (bring all texts to front)
CACHEFILES variable (control the external cache layout data to enhance layout switching performance and memory usage)
PathWatcher (control of a folder for automatic DWG opening)

Current iCARE subscribers and those participating in our recent free upgrade promotion will begin to receive their progeCAD 2018 upgrade notices in the next several days. Users of previous versions of progeCAD can order the appropriate upgrade for them from the CADDIT progeCAD upgrade price list. There is much more to be said about the new progeCAD 2018 release, including dozens of other new commands, variables and improved functions (such as the 3D rendering) which can be explored by downloading the software for a free 30 day trial from CADDIT. We are very excited about this release and hope that many users will benefit form the hard work invested in this version of progeCAD. Any questions about general features of progeCAD can be directed to CADDIT via the CONTACT US page HERE.

03 April 2017

CADDIT Launches Powerful Low-Cost 3D CAD Software ZW3D with Time Limited Discount Offer

Sydney, Australia 03 April 2017 - CADDIT announces an exciting new 3D CAD product line agreement with ZWSOFT to sell and support all ZW3D products Australia-wide. ZW3D offers mechanical designers, engineers, machinists and manufacturers a powerful suite of integrated CAD and CAM software for parametric 3D part and assembly design, hybrid freeform and direct editing, sheet metal nesting and weldment construction, 3D publishing and printing, prismatic and multi-axis machining, lathe turning and more. ZW3D also delivers powerful 3D CAD translation tools for importing SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Siemens NX, JT, PTC Creo, Autodesk Inventor, STEP, ACIS .sat and .sab, IGES and many more formats from even very recent versions of the software. ZW3D supplies thousands of businesses globally, including Yamaha Motor Co, Bridgestone, Johnson Controls, Baosteel and many others.

ZW3D uses specially written state-of-the-art modeling technology, originally developed by VX Corporation of Melbourne FL USA, with software R&D still located in Florida to this day. The user interface includes a modern ribbon-based UI with visual help cues and prompts. Traditional bottom-up assembly design is offered in every version of the software without limitation. Standard and higher versions also offer advanced assembly options, top-down down and animation. There are also two CAM-specialist versions for CNC machinists at reduced cost in CAD features. CADDIT also announces a special price release of ZW3D 2017 for the Australian small business user called "Workshop". ZW3D Workshop by CADDIT edition will include all features of ZW3D Premium minus the costly electrode and mould tooling libraries, to be made available at a much lower cost.

To help introduce this high-value 3D CAD and CAM software option to small business users in Australia, CADDIT has arranged for significantly reduced pricing on both software, support and one-year upgrade options. Level one support for ZW3D will be local. A series of free comprehensive one-day training events are planned around Australia, based on number of requests. The first event is planned in Parramatta NSW near our offices. Frequent news and updates will be posted over the next few weeks on  our websites. For immediate contact or general ZW3D inquiries, CADDIT.net will be the nation-wide software partner which can be contacted HERE.