05 July 2008

Will Autodesk Moldflow Merger Help Plastic Simulation Software Users?

On June 25 2008 Autodesk, Inc.(Nasdaq: ADSK) completed its acquisition of Moldflow Corporation, partly made possible by means of "Autodesk's existing revolving credit facility with Citibank N.A." What the press release didn't mention was the removal of several directors from the Moldflow board. Not Autodesk's. Of course not. And now I am guessing that "merger" is the psychologically-correct way of saying "takeover"... a way that doesn't make end users want to run away quite so fast. Like the "merger" of Cimmatron and GibbsCAM, right?

Autodesk mentions a "Safe Harbour" statement as part of their press release concerning "the impact of the acquisition on Autodesk's earnings per share, business performance and product offerings; Autodesk's commitments to Moldflow customers; and the impact of the combined product capabilities." One always wonders if and how the working class end user will benefit. On one positive side, it could result in some free version release similar to Maya. No doubt Inventor will enjoy enhanced integration, but will other platform users (i.e. SolidWorks) continue to enjoy the same benefit?

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