19 August 2008

Free Machinists CNC Training Videos for PartMaster

Dolphin PartMaster is low cost CNC machinists software for milling, lathe turning and wire EDM which is supported and sold by CADDIT. This web page includes a number of video CAD CAM tutorials from the manufacturer.

Industry CNC machinists, educators and universities alike will now benefit from a completely new manufacturer CNC information website from PartMaster for training. The site includes new videos demonstrating CAD, CAM CNC milling tutorials, lathe, wire EDM and 3D CAM. Full personal online training will also be offered shortly.

The new videos include numerous practical examples of using PartMaster Level 1 2 and 3 software to create Text Engraving, Face Milling , Thread milling, Contouring and more. PartMaster has a variety of applications for tooling, CNC water jet, flame and laser cutting, wood and furniture manufacturing and electronics.

CADDIT continues to support and sell PartMaster at a special price to the Asia Pacific region. For AutoCAD users, CADDIT has also developed a live interface between progeCAD advanced IntelliCAD and PartMaster. Users can select entities to be machined from any AutoCAD DWG or DXF file and choose to import those directly into either PartMaster CAD for further preprocessing or PartMaster CAM mill lathe or EDM. There is also a video tutorial of our progeCAM bundle on YouTube.

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