15 September 2008

Economy: progeCAD users enjoy savings against high price of AutoCAD

Once resorted to only by smaller businesses needing basic DWG CAD compatibility and AutoCAD commands for 2D technical drawing, progeCAD is now making gentle inroads to larger companies. "Great! This (progeCAD) delivers just the right level of features for a fractional price of what one copy of (AutoCAD) LT costs us..." wrote one office in Australia. "I sorted all our guys with progeCAD without capital expenditure" laughed another.

A downturn in the economy and the rising cost of new licenses for corporate brands like AutoCAD and Microstation have some department heads scrambling to find affordable CAD software that still gets support. Still, the new trend of larger companies toward progeCAD surprises some. It was only a few years ago that the program still suffered issues to edit large files (in excess of three megabytes) and snap to points within nested AutoCAD blocks. As progeSOFT continues to improve their flagship product, end users are enjoying the benefits of what many now consider to be their CAD of choice for money.

Schools benefit the most. They get theirs free. When CADDIT first announced the progeSOFT educational program in Australia, it was quiet. Then slowly interest started calling - TAFE, universities, public and private high schools. Now CADDIT.net receives new educational requests on pretty much a weekly basis.

CADDIT is an international partner of progeSOFT, Italy, specializing in the English or German language product sales and support. Users and companies from any country can download free or register progeCAD and choice of support plans directly online. For full corporate progeCAD site license requirements, the best options is to contact CADDIT directly. Current progeCAD 2008 Professional users can expect at least one, if not two more free minor support upgrades this year. These minor upgrades are mostly patches to enhance and sometimes fix existing functions. progeCAD 2009 is still many months away.

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