26 February 2009

Can TransMagic Really Help Solve 3D CAD Translation Problems?

Recent economics have spawned an increasing need for business to adapt in new markets. And new markets often require companies to read new 3D CAD file formats - but "total cost of ownership" for maintaining additional CAD environments can be costly and time consuming. TransMagic is central, easy-to-use 3D collaboration software for reliably sharing CAD files across multiple CAD programs. TransMagic saves companies time, effort and money by offering a better option than budgeting and maintaining several independent CAD environments.

TransMagic software translates CAD information directly from one modeling technology to another, supporting direct ACIS, ParaSolid *.x_t, CATIA V4 & V5, Unigraphics JT and more, preventing data loss. TransMagic's functionality extends far beyond any basic 3D model translator, with robust tools like "Gap Check" and "MagicSurface". TransMagic repairs model gaps, heals unstitched surfaces and automates much of the rework that often comes with basic STEP and IGES file exchange.

Superlift, one of the largest suspension companies in the off-road market, is one manufacturer using TransMagic to save time. "TransMagic has made it possible to open any neutral or native CAD file we receive, quickly isolate, repair and retrieve what we need," said Kevin Dill, Product Development Lead Engineer for Superlift. "Repairing damaged files and grouping what we need prior to importing has saved us lots of time. Our time is now better spent working with clean, manageable files that we can rely on as we design new products."

ZEMAX Development Corporation, developers of ZEMAX optical system design software, had a similar problem. "Our customers struggle with the handover between mechanical and optical engineering – they are optical engineers and not experts in CAD. Mechanical CAD packages are three orders of magnitude coarser resolution than what is needed for optical design and errors in mechanical designs may not be apparent in the CAD package," says Mark Nicholson, Vice-President, ZEMAX Development Corporation. "TransMagic is able to simply explain what is wrong with a badly-formed CAD file and then easily repair the file with a high resolution before importing into ZEMAX. CAD files repaired by TransMagic are imported into ZEMAX with no problems."

An independent review of TransMagic was recently written by Frank Sherosky of the Detroit Automotive Technology Examiner. In part he writes, "TransMagic appears good for suppliers, because it reads proprietary CAD files in their native formats. (While the operative word is "read," I'm also concerned with "write.") That alone makes for higher data-read integrity, not to mention same-day implementation. Furthermore, the company touts the system is scalable, meaning suppliers can buy value-priced suites and add more capabilities at a later time."
The full review can be read HERE.

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