02 May 2009

Free Second Grabowski eBook "tailoring progeCAD" Available

progeSOFT and partners have released the second bonus for progeCAD users form AutoCAD book author Ralph Gabrowski entitled "tailoring progeCAD". "tailoring progeCAD" is a more in-depth examination of the powerful interfaces progeCAD offers developers and CAD specialists for customization. progeCAD is a low cost compliment to AutoCAD for editing Autodesk DWG files and using a similar interface, but just costing 10% of full version AutoCAD RRP. This free eBook can be downloaded HERE ( $50 value).

"tailoring progeCAD" is the second Grabowski eBook written in partnership with progeSOFT and progeSOFT US. This free CAD eBook is 200 pages and pre-formatted for USA binder printing on A-size paper. Topics covered include customizing the progeCAD user interface, changing progeCAD settings for text, fonts and colors, setting keystroke aliases, writing menus, macros and scripts, DCL, DIESEL and AutoLISP programming and more.

"tailoring progeCAD" is a follow-up for advanced users to the previously announced
"inside progeCAD" which together become a powerful tool in unlocking the full potential of progeCAD.

Publication of "tailoring progeCAD" was funded by progeSOFT as an educational project and may be freely re-distributed among organizations and on the Internet as long as content and copyright remain unchanged.

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