12 August 2009

$99 Alibre Announced, Special Promotion in Australia

PRESS RELEASE (Modified for Australia)
Richardson, TX (August 11, 2009) - Alibre, Inc. (http://www.alibre.com/) today announced the boldest marketing initiative in the history of 3D CAD - making professional grade 3D CAD software, including parts, assemblies, and 2D drafting, available to anyone for under $100. In Australia the promotional price will be AUD $149.00, sold through CADDIT.net.

For a limited time, anyone can get Alibre Design for $99 (regularly $999). Alibre Design is the core CAD component of Alibre's product offering, providing a complete parametric toolset for unlimited 3D part and assembly design and 2D drafting. Capable of creating complex mechanical designs with thousands of components, full assembly motion, automatic 2D drawing updates, and many other benefits, Alibre Design is similar to products such as SolidWorks, Inventor, and Pro/E. Tens of thousands of Alibre Design users in 50 countries and 15 languages use the software to design, verify, and virtually test their products.

With today's announcement consumers have the option of spending $99 for Alibre Design or a minimum of around $5000 for competitors' software. Paul Grayson, Chairman and CEO of Alibre, Inc., says, "Alibre has the unique ability to offer its professional engineering products at a fraction of the cost of the competition. But by lowering the price to $99, the offer is irrefutably the best in the history of 3D CAD. It's absolutely unheard of given the tools we're offering, without restrictions of any kind, and we expect a lot of people and businesses to take advantage. It's really that simple. We also know that our competition can't begin to come close to this, not even within a few thousand dollars."

Alibre is ideal mid range 3D CAD for Australia, offering the best of both worlds in design function, interoperability with other systems like CATIA and Pro/Engineer via Alibre Translate, and - most of all - value. Alibre Design Standard includes the basic 2D/3D design tools as well as Tutorial access, IGES & STEP import/export and Excel spreadsheet driven design. In Australia see CADDIT.net for more information, other countries can see Alibre.com for their nearest representative.

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