10 September 2009

Mathcad Download from CADDIT, Joins PTC


Sydney, 10 September 2009 - Parametric Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: PMTC) Asia Pacific Channel has formally enlisted CADDIT for service and support of their engineering software portfolio. This takes place as new staff join the CADDIT central office in Liverpool, Australia. PTC Mathcad can now also be downloaded directly from CADDIT in Australia, with a bonus pack of seven industry add-on modules.

Mathcad offers a unique "What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG)" calculation whiteboard for visually solving complex engineering, scientific, medical and mathematical problems in algebra, trigonometry or calculus. Resulting 2D and 3D graphs may be arranged as the user needs along with original formulas, text, notations and graphics. Mathcad is better suited than average software such as Excel for documenting important technical or mathematical concepts. Mathcad is used by a large number of Fortune 1000 companies including Boeing, General Electric, IBM and Kellogg.

CADDIT.net offers an easy-to-use website for quickly comparing and buying CAD design and engineering software in Australia. Special pricing for Mathcad student/academic version as well as business and enterprise license discounts are now offered directly on CADDIT as well. “We are very fortunate to have recently acquired new staff who truly understand this software, and we will shortly be hosting a series of live webinars demonstrating how Mathcad can be a very inexpensive way for industry to solve common problems” states the company director regarding their new support of this powerful scientific and visualization software tool.

Selected preview sections for the upcoming scientific webinar series can be seen on the CADDIT forum.

CADDIT is currently offering Mathcad with a bonus pack of seven add-on modules: the full electrical, civil and mechanical engineering libraries, Wavelets and data analysis extension packs together with the Mathcad image and signal processing extensions. A 25% discount on single pc nodelock commercial licenses is available from the CADDIT.net website (for Australia only).

Download Mathcad for a free full-function demo from CADDIT.net in Australia HERE (Australia only).

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