09 December 2009

Alibre 3D CAD Software "84% Off" Sale from CADDIT Australia

Alibre Design Australia PromoAlibre has granted authorization to CADDIT Australia to offer the latest version of Alibre Design version 12 with at least AUD$1200 saving (84%) for these last few weeks of 2009. Why are we posting this to our blog? 1.This is not an Alibre 11 sale. This sale applies to the newly released Alibre Design version 12, including the features discussed earlier on our blog HERE. 2.It's a near give-away. Even if a company already uses another 3D CAD/CAM system, Alibre Design easily supplements as a stand-alone sub-assembly designer, detail drawing workstation or even just a STEP or DWG viewer.

Pricing for Alibre Design from CADDIT Australia until 12AM 1 January 2010 EST:
Alibre Design Standard: 239.84+GST
Alibre Design Standard: 859.00+GST
Alibre Design Standard: 1199.00+GST

A full version of Alibre Design can be downloaded HERE. If the user registers our download version using a valid address in Australia, you can buy Alibre software online HERE at this sale price until 1 January 2010 12 AM EST.

There are also some discounts offered on Alibre maintenance and upgrades HERE.

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