04 February 2010

progeCAD 2010 Released. AutoCAD Clone Reads AutoCAD 2010 Files, Windows 7 Compatible

Sydney, Australia - CADDIT and progeSOFT are happy to announce the milestone software release of progeCAD 2010. Also to be known as "progeCAD CLASSIC", this will be the final and best release ever available on the established IntelliCAD 6 platform (future versions will be based on new IntelliCAD 7 DRX technology). AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT software compatibility has been a priority. This unique "bridge" release delivers many features users have requested:

AutoCAD 2010 DWG file read/write
Windows 7 compatibility

PDF import & export with layers support
Brand New Property Palette, with hide & fly-out.
Brand New Boundary Hatch Interface, including gradient hatching

Advanced CTB (Greyscale print and Screening)
Polygon Layout Viewport Boundaries in Paper space
SOLPROF - 2D profile image extraction from ACIS solids
Improved Selection Windows with Dynamic Entity Highlighting

progeCAD 2010 now supports export to the following file formats: PDF, 3DS (Autodesk 3D Studio MAX), POV (Povray raytracer), Lightwave, ACIS .SAT, SVG (XML format), O2C, GoogleEarth KML, DWG and DXF (also a number of raster image formats).

Performance & stability improvements have been made throughout progeCAD. Real time pan, zoom, file operation, printing, 3D shading while rotating 3D models (via "shade" command + CTRL-Right Mouse Button), 3D operation has improved, paper space operation - all these aspects have been improved upon as well. The greatest advantage remains Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2010 support.

Why called "progeCAD CLASSIC"? While it is a new product, progeCAD 2010 represents the final version based on time-proven IntelliCAD 6 technology, a few parts of which evidently still trace back to the very early days of IntelliCAD. Future progeCAD releases will use a new DRX technology from the completely rewritten IntelliCAD 7. So from a certain historical point of view, progeCAD 2010 is perhaps the greatest direct realization of a software design that started fourteen years ago. To salute this long-standing achievement, CADDIT has dubbed progeCAD 2010 a "CLASSIC".

Interested to try it out? Here is a link to download the full version of progeCAD. progeCAD offers Professional, Stand-Alone, USB Dongle, Network NLM and Full Office Licenses. Free support for all versions of progeCAD is offered directly from CADDIT technicians on the CAD forum.

P.S. We will begin notifying customers who took advantage of our free upgrade offer about their new licenses as soon as perhaps next week.

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