15 June 2010

"Alibre Design Personal" Replaces Standard & Xpress versions; New Alibre Products

Alibre is a powerful but easy-to-use 3D mechanical CAD package which is distributed and supported in Australia through CADDIT.net. Beginning in mid-May, Alibre no longer offered a "Standard" version of their CAD software. Alibre Design "Standard" has been replaced with the Alibre Design "Personal" version, mainly for hobby use. Also, the free version referred to as "Alibre Design Xpress" will no longer be available to new users. Current users of these products, however, should be able to continue using them as-is without any change to their software. A note to those who purchased Alibre Design from us during our last promotion, well done - you have a package worth about $1000 for under $200. Alibre Design Personal now has some new limitations in comparison to its predecessor, Alibre Design Standard:
  • Single install license (no take-home license, multiple keys etc)
  • Advanced Import / Export features are deactivated
  • Import DWG / DXF is still enabled
  • Export .STL is still enabled for 3D printers
  • Publish 3D PDF (for models only) is still available
  • No STEP, IGES, SAT, Rhino, image files
  • Files are not enumerated unless you select All files (*.*)
  • Turn-off Advanced Detail Drawing (see further..)
  • No Bill of Materials
  • No Detail, Section, Partial, or Broken views
  • No views for Centers, Cosmetic Threads, External Threads, or No Hole Call-outs
CAD users looking for competent 3D mechanical CAD software are really encouraged to at least go with Alibre Design Professional now. Algor DesignCheck FEA is now called "Simulation Express" from Autodesk and will continue to be available as before. Alibre also has a new partner for delivering photo-realistic rendering to all Alibre Design Professional and Alibre Design Expert users. Luxion's KeyShot For CAD is now included in both versions and is available in Australia from CADDIT. Other Luxion users include PTC, Cadkey, SpaceClaim and Rhino. NOTE Alibre expects to also have new KeyShot BIP file export enabled within Alibre Design by the end of June.

KeyShot For CAD allows Alibre Pro and Expert users to create full photo-realistic images for their model within minutes. And - much like Alibre itself - Keyshot is easy to use. Drag-and-drop materials, preset lighting, and real-time updates give you the final result all the time. KeyShot is the first and only rendering application that offers real-time ray-tracing. This means that your model is constantly being rendered as you zoom, pan, rotate, and apply materials and lighting presets. For more information about Alibre Design 3D CAD in Australia feel free to CONTACT CADDIT.net. A free 30-day PROFESSIONAL trial of Alibre Design can be downloaded HERE.

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