24 June 2010

Mathcad 15 Available from CADDIT Australia

Mathcad 15 is now available from CADDIT Australia. According to the official release, "Mathcad 15.0 includes over 25 new functions, more robust reference libraries and integration with third-party tools, including the latest version of Microsoft Excel. Additionally, the Mathcad 15.0 integration with existing engineering platforms like Pro/ENGINEER®, as well as with PTC’s Windchill® solutions, Windchill PDMLink® and Windchill ProductPoint®, enables better management of critical engineering content, making it easier to share and reuse information leading to standardization and best practices." More than three years have passed since Mathcad 14 was released in the beginning of 2007.

Some new features in Mathcad 15 include:
• Mathcad 15 is Windows 7 compatible (officially supported on Windows7)
Design of Experiments (DoE) – Over 25 new functions to reduce the time and expense of conducting experiments using DoE.
• Data link for the latest versions of Microsoft Excel® – Mathcad functions include READEXCEL(), WRITEEXCEL(), READFILE, an Excel data import wizard and an Excel Add-in.
• Integration to Knovel® Math content – (more information below).
• Integration with Kornucopia® software – Reduce time and effort spent on analysis by providing functions and templates using Mathcad-based documented workflows. Improves interpretations and value of experimental data and simulation results.
A complete product brochure for Mathcad 15 can be downloaded HERE.

Mathcad 15 license options are Individual node locked or registered user, Floating (network) and Global. Node locked licenses are fixed to a specific PC, floating licenses can each have one user at a time, by anyone on a local network (i.e. three network users all using Mathcad at the same time will need three floating licenses, etc) Schools and universities may also choose from the Student Edition, Professor Edition (node locked) and University Editions (floating). The Single User license will be effectively discontinued.

All PTC active support customers now receive:
• 24x5 technical support
• No charge access to all software updates and upgrades
• Access to the Knowledge Base which includes searchable product specific content and resources
• Discounts on product level upgrades
• Online web support and License Management tools
• “Tips and Techniques” web casts for product demos and basic training
• Gold Loyalty Program discounts with partners including Dell, Knovel, Lenovo.

In addition to the above, Mathcad customers are also entitled to:
• An additional license at no charge to be used on the Home PC of a user utilizing a network license in the office.
• Node Locked customers receive 1 Home Use License for each active license
• Floating customers receive 2 Home Use licenses for every 1 seat they maintain.
• Up to 10 Free content downloads from Knovel (more information below). Mathcad customers will particularly be interested in Knovel Math which provides fully documented Mathcad worksheets from Roarks Formulas for Stress and Strain- 7th Edition, Hicks Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, and the Foundation Engineering Handbook.

A new partner for updated Mathcad Extended Libraries:
With past versions, PTC Mathcad included Library Extensions for Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering. PTC has a new relationship with content provider Knovel, who maintain updated library extensions for Mathcad called Knovel Math. Those with Mathcad 14 can also use the old Library Extensions from that version on Mathcad 15, as well.

For more information about Mathcad 15 in Australia, contact a local partner HERE. A trial user version of Mathcad 15 is not yet ready. Mathcad 14 in Australia can still be directly downloaded from CADDIT.net HERE. Trial users from regions outside Australia should contact either their own local PTC partner or download the trial directly from PTC.

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