22 November 2010

Alibre 2011 Update with New MoI Surfacing Software

Alibre Design 2011 was first released in late 2010 offering a number of important new features:
  • Alibre's first native 64-bit version
  • New "in-place editing" UI framework
  • New MIRROR and SCALE modelling commands
  • On-the-fly library creation
  • Direct 3D Solid->SheetMetal conversion

In addition to these new features, Alibre Design Expert user licenses sold after 2 December 2010 are now entitled to get MoI - Moment of Inspiration - freeform surfacing software. At this point the best link between MoI and Alibre itself seems to be using STEP data, although ACIS SAT and IGES are also offered by MoI (the IGES interface seemed to loose the most data in our lab test, but we were expecting that). One major advantage MoI offers is a "point-and-click" workflow that doesn't require use of special ALT-key combinations, which makes it perhaps more practical for use on tablet PCs.

KeyShot for Alibre:
"KeyShot for Alibre - Basic" is new realtime photorealistic rendering software offered with
Alibre Design Professional and Alibre Design Expert. The updated capabilities of KeyShot for Alibre (formerly "KeyShot for CAD") are outlined in this brochure, and summarized in the chart provided below:

KeyShot for Alibre Edition Basic (shipped w/ Pro & Expert)KeyShot for Alibre Edition (optional)
Max Real-time Resolution 1024x768 pixels 1920x1080 pixels
Max Non Real-time Resolution N/A 2500x1600 pixels
Render with alpha channel No Yes
Extra Control over Render settings No Yes

It is worth noting that, although Alibre Design is now available as a native AMD64 bit application (Windows 7 compatible) many of the Alibre add-ons such as Alibre CAM and Alibre Motion are not yet. The 32-bit version Alibre add-ons will not work with Alibre 64-bit software and require Alibre 32-bit to install and run. However there seems little problem in running Alibre 32-bit version on a 64-bit PC now. Since the first major release of Alibre's latest version of their easy-to-use 3D CAD system, a few minor bugfix updates have also been made available and the latest version of Alibre can be downloaded HERE.

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