12 March 2012

CNC Software for Lathe or Milling of CAD DXF Files

12 March 2012 Sydney time - Dolphin PartMaster CNC Software Version 11 has been released for free trial download on CADDIT.net Australia. New features of the new version include Windows 7 support, improved CNC toolpath generation, additional PM3D tool for importing profiles from STEP and IGES models, specialized gear design software, font editor for engraving, a CNC-file organizer and more. PartMaster 11 is major update in the Dolphin CNC Software "low-cost series".

For those unfamiliar with PartMaster, here are some major features:

  • Intuitive visual editing environment for creating CNC cycles from CAD data
  • Milling, Lathe AND Wire EDM machine support (with new price discounts for combination licenses)
  • DXF, IGES and STEP profile import. Surface profiles from STEP / IGES are extracted via the new PM3D tool.
  • Flexible toolpath creation, prismatic machining, area clear, pocketing, drilling, extended text-font engraving, etc
  • Fourth axis milling support. Backplot animation and verification.
  • Fully-programmable post processor support for all kinds of CNC controllers. CADDIT/Dolphin offer additional custom-built post-processor options as well.

Note that Dolphin PartMaster is an ideal solution for DXF profile milling/machining, pocketing, engraving, lathe profile turning etc it is limited at complex surface full simultaneous 3-axis support for which we still recommend either Alibre CAM Expert or perhaps T-FLEX CAM. An independent review of Dolphin PartMaster on CNCZone featuring our CNC Lathe module can be read HERE. A partner has also set up a small YouTube channel with many of the usual Dolphin PartMaster tutorials HERE. Below is an example using PartMaster in a CNC Lathe operation:

Download HERE a free 30-day trial for the CNC milling/lathe module for Dolphin PartMaster (including a free CAD system for drawing). Questions about Dolphin PartMaster or a request for a demonstration can be submitted HERE.

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