16 July 2013

Bright Future for Geomagic Design Users at First APAC 3D Systems Geomagic Meeting

9 July 2013 - The first 3D Systems Geomagic annual APAC meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand. A broad range of training and information seminars were also conducted with a peak total attendance of more than eighty from the entire Asia-Pacific region including China, Korea, India, Malaysia and Australia. Ben Decker from CADDIT Australia attended this meeting for all three days, and met and shared experience with industry professionals in scanning, reverse engineering and 3D printing. An important take away from day one is the key role that Geomagic Design (formerly Alibre) will continue to have in software development at 3D Systems. This was confirmed in the same week when 3D Systems released a new simulation/FEA add-on option for Geomagic Design Expert, with other enhancements coming soon.

All in attendance discuss future vision of Geomagic

A future vision was shared of a full 3D rapid development process, including 3D scanning, reverse engineering, design, documentation, prototyping, verification, manufacturing and testing - of which Geomagic Design will play a central role. Also discussed was integration between individual solutions of the Geomagic product family and a new Geomagic Designer bundle which includes Geomagic Freeform and Geomagic Design. Australia users who have interest in Geomagic Designer should contact CADDIT Australia or 3D Systems directly.

A rainy but comfortable Bangkok for the meeting.

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