24 December 2014

Free Upgrade for progeCAD 2016 For Purchases After 15 December

CADDIT announces the worldwide offer of free upgrades to progeCAD 2016 of equivalent type for all progeCAD 2014 licenses and upgrades paid for on or after 15 December 2014. This means that a purchase of progeCAD 2014 USB will also get a free upgrade to 2016 USB at no extra cost, an upgrade from progeCAD 2011 to 2014 will also get 2016 upgrade at no extra cost, and so forth. Upgrades will be distributed during the first few weeks after the global release announcement of progeCAD 2016 on the CAD Software Blog and on CADDIT.net. This free upgrade offer applies to ENGLISH language license purchase only, and will continue until the release of progeCAD 2016 on CADDIT.net.

progeCAD 2016 will offer a more dynamic interface while continuing to improve performance, add new features and fixes. Expected features will include Dynamic Input (Dynamic Input provides real-time input fields at the actual cursor location for certain commands, etc), dynamic UCS and 2D planes as well as supporting Z axis 3D ortho mode and "grips" for dynamic editing ACIS solids in real-time. progeCAD will also support Annotative Objects and Styles, which automatically adjust the size and scale at which annotation objects are displayed in model space or a layout similar to newer versions of AutoCAD. Many other improvements will be provided as well, and a more comprehensive list will follow. progeCAD 2016 will also be the new supported version then going forward after release.

To benefit from this free upgrade offer, simply place any progeCAD 2014 English order on the CADDIT.net website. After the 2016 release, free upgrades will be sent to all progeCAD customers with orders paid on or after 15 December 2014. The progeCAD 2014 serial key will be replaced with a progeCAD 2016 serial key and a new download link will be sent for the software, similar to how has been done in past years. The free upgrade will apply to all new progeCAD Professional, progeCAD USB and Floating Network licenses purchased on or after 15 December. New dongles will not be required for the progeCAD USB upgrade. Free upgrades will also be sent to any users now purchasing a progeCAD 2014 upgrade for an existing seat of progeCAD 2008, 2009, etc. This promotion will last until the day that progeCAD 2016 release is announced on this website.

For more information about this free 2016 promotion please contact CADDIT here.

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CADDIT CAD Software said...

Please note that a last-minute change has been made to the version number. It will be released as progeCAD 2016 and not progeCAD 2015 as originally announced. This does not effect the free upgrade offer in any other way except the version name of the product.