19 September 2016

Alibre and progeCAD 2013 End of Support

Sydney, Australia 19 September 2016 - CADDIT Announces end of all legacy support for the following outdated products:

"Alibre Design" - All Versions (not including Geomagic Design). Users wishing to maintain a support relationship with CADDIT Australia should now be using Geomagic Design (full version) instead.

progeCAD - 2013 and earlier versions only. Up-to-date subscription and new license users are not affected. Other users can upgrade here (link).

Why is installation support removed from very outdated product versions? First, we want to express our appreciation for all of the engineers, architects, builders, designers and manufacturers who have selected our products from among many in the past. Our products have advanced significantly. Frankly, we have little choice in this matter of very old version support. With Operating System support removed from Windows XP and Vista by Microsoft, supporting older software not only becomes unviable, but also unsafe as these systems are no longer provided with critical Functionality and Security patches. Windows 7 EOL (End Of Life) was announced by Microsoft (see table here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/lifecycle ).

As with previous EOL announcement, end of support means any help from our local office in re-installing, moving, lost keys or passwords, registering, unregistering or otherwise assisting a user of a deprecated product. progeCAD users from any version will, however, still have the option to buy a license lookup (link) should they misplace their installers or serial codes. Users of progeCAD versions newer than 2013 continue to be entitled to one free lookup for each active license.

I have progeCAD 2010 and I lost my license. What can I do?
You will need to buy a license lookup service for each license in question, here:

I have progeCAD 2014 and I lost my license for the first time. What can I do?
Contact us here for your free one-time lookup:

I have Alibre Design 2012 Standard / PE and I need help to activate on Windows 10.
Not supported. There are several issues with this, which prevent our staff from assisting in any way. First, Alibre 2012 is categorically not supported on Windows 10 in any fashion. Second, Alibre Design Standard / PE is completely discontinued. Alibre users were invited several times to upgrade free of charge to supported versions, as long as they only paid the subscription fee. Users who have repeatedly declined our offers have now indicated that they will keep their existing installations. Third, all 2012 releases of our products are completely outdated.

Alibre users still have login access to their online account HERE and are welcome to continue supporting themselves as best as possible. There is an Alibre password reset function HERE. Alibre users are also welcome to try to contact Geomagic Support at 3D Systems directly, however we cannot guarantee a response for unsupported legacy users. General questions about CADDIT support policies can be submitted to us via our website at any time HERE. Once again, we repeat, updated and new license users are not affected by this announcement.

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