19 February 2008

New progeCAD CDs arrive soon

CDROMs for progeCAD Professional will arrive soon. There are a few ways to get one. One is to order progeCAD and request a CD for a small additional fee. There is also a boxed set we ship, which includes the new manuals and CD.

There is a third way. It doesn't cost any money, but might take a few minutes from your schedule. We have been delighted to hear the success stories of our Australian/NZ progeCAD users. Now, users who send us a small paragraph (three or four useful sentences) about how practicle progeCAD has been for them, will receive the CD in mail completely free. Some experiences will be selected for our "progeCAD Poductivity" journal, so it might mean free advertising for your business as well.

Asia-Pacific users can submit their productivity experience on the contact us page on the CADstore. Be sure to include the shipping address that the CD should be mailed to.

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