15 February 2008

progeCAD entprop and tilemode

progeCAD IntelliCAD entity Property Box

progeCAD allows you to Change entity, viewport and drawing properties quickly using the IntelliCAD "Properties" explorer box. Here a context-sensitive list of AutoCAD®
like attributes relevant to the current entity selection are displayed with their current values. Attribute values can be edited by selecting the value field and typing in the new value desired.

This box can be closed at any time and re-opened either with the right-mouse-menu "Properties" item, "Tools - Properties" menu item or with Ctrl-1.progeCAD IntelliCAD Viewport Entity Properties Control

IntelliCAD / progeCAD "Paper Space" works much like that of AutoCAD®, using the "tilemode" command or newer layout tabs to switch between these work areas of the DWG file. The "mview" command is used to define new Paper Space viewports as desired. Layer settings, print scale, visibility, locking and other settings can be changed via the viewport properties or the "entprop" command, just as in AutoCAD®.

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