03 May 2008

T-Flex CAD CAM Software Launched in Australia

The rumours are true. T-Flex is finally here.

What is T-Flex? High-end hybrid parametric solid and surface modeling CAD CAM software. Many of the features somewhat resemble Pro Engineer. T-Flex CAD comes bundled with basic FEA and motion simulation and kinematic study for assemblies. Sketches are defined by either outlining or hatching vector construction entities, much the way a board draftsman darkens (HB) lines from his much lighter draft strokes (6H).

But don't let the simplicity fool you! T-Flex CAD CAM has been used to develop entire factories and transport systems. It's hybrid modeling abilities allow free-form changes to be made on parametric solids or surfaces, and these free-form changes can then themselves be changed parametrically from the model history. Coupled with an extensive standard parts library and included simulation and FEA, T-Flex is a complete engineering platform.

T-Flex CAD costs a fraction of what competitive systems do. CADDIT as further reduced the T-Flex price for a limited time as part of the product launch in Australia and New Zealand. It can be downloaded and tested free from the CADDIT T-Flex Page.

Read the entire CADDIT T-Flex press release here.

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