25 April 2008

2008 CAD Software Market Still Hot, Innovation Continues

15% seems to be the magic number for the CAD software industry this year. Jon Peddie Reseach, a US based research group, predicts 15% growth in the CAD software market for 2008. This is due partially to changing technologies and a continued shift toward mid-range systems.

Cambashi engineering and enterprise IT applications market research and analysis consultants in the UK confirm the 15% for 2008 but predict a slowdown thereafter.

The job market for the same sector is not so strong, but this is nothing new. Concerns about finding emloyement as a draftsman or design engineer recycle themselves every seven years or so. But new International and Asian service competition adds to the uncertainty. Engineering students are thus being encouraged to fortify their skillset with related qualifications in manufacturing and applied sciences.

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