18 January 2009

CADDIT Announces Building Design Without BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Sydney, Australia - CADDIT announced their release of a an exciting new line of CAD software products for building design without the overhead involved with Building Information Modeling (commonly known as BIM). CP-System is an affordable CAD software add-on for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT (using LTX), progeCAD, BricsCAD and other IntelliCAD brands. CP-System represents a much easier, low-cost and practical approach to the needs of designers who need to work quickly but accurately.

CP-System is a simple suite of four separately priced toolboxes that turbocharge supported CAD systems into a complete building design studio. At the core of CP-System is a 2D parametric drawing editor which allows users to quickly draw electrical wiring, piping or duct elevation plans and then "insert" relevant symbols such as valves or switches from large libraries of associative drawing objects. Each library can be customized with objects from a user, or extended by downloading thousands more parts currently available from CP-System enabled industry suppliers (such as Fujitsu or Cablofil). A database is built as the drawing is created, which can be exported or printed as a Bill Of Material or specification in many common formats such as CSV, XLS, XML, RTF, HTML and PDF. CP-System objects can be edited or re-created later as required.

Each of the four separately-priced licenses activate one of the four different "design realms" offered by the CP-System framework:
  1. HVAC - Actually this one license includes multiple libraries and functions for HVAC and PLUMBING, pumps and piping, gas and ducting systems, water distribution planning and design.
  2. Electrical - Includes all the layout design tools for circuit wiring and cabling, medical and industrial, telecommunications, fire alarm and safety, cable trays, busbars and switch boxes.
  3. Mechanical - This license is good for mechanical part design and includes all the nuts and bolts (literally) needed to put something together, also offers structural, hydarulic, pneumatic and additional fittings.
  4. Architectural - The least expensive license but still very useful for overall architectural design or office and space planning etc. with doors, windows, furniture and more.

CADDIT now offers CP-System bundled with their progeCAD design platform as their new progePLAN product, which is available from CADDIT at a nice discount. Building designers considering progeCAD's AutoCAD compatibility would do well to consider the benefit of buying a CP-Sytem enabled progePLAN bundle for their work instead. All CP-System licenses currently include online software and symbol update services and remote access support. Currently CP-System only supports metric, however plans are to also support imperial units soon.

Regardless, however, building designers for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, structural, architectural and other systems are encouraged to download CP-System for their own CAD system and give this low-cost alternative to BIM design methodology a serious go. It will save them time, energy and the cost of the mistakes that arise from designing such systems from total scratch. For serious commercial designers in the building field, CP-System is a must-have!


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