20 February 2009

Alibre Design 11.2: New Features Come in March!

Alibre Design is a global standard for affordable 3D CAD design, and more recently CAD CAM CNC manufacturing. March will see the newest release of this powerful design tool made available in Australia and around the world. Other new features being added in Alibre 11.2 will include:

Product (Alibre Design Interface):

  • New global option in GUI (under Home window->Tools/Options) to keep all workspaces maximized
  • New global option in GUI (under Home window->Tools/Options) to enable/disable prompt for naming new workspace
  • Persist workspace browser position and size on file save to restore them on file open
  • Make default size of new workspace browsers to be 80% of display size
  • Persist explorer visibility and width and restore on open
  • Increase the default size of the Design Explorer
  • Ability to edit all vault metadata from inside the File->Properties dialog (General tab)

Addon (Framework):

  • Framework to let addon insert custom file filter in our File->Export dialog and accompanying API to allow such addon to export workspace to desired file format
  • New AlibreTranslate addon built around Datakit's translation library to import/export CAD formats such as SW, ProE, Parasolid, Catia etc. Merged SolidWorksReader add-on with AlibreTranslate
  • Enable showing 'Import Options' dialog while importing files via AlibreTranslate
  • Enable AlibreTranslate to accept SW file names containing Unicode (Japanese, Chinese etc) characters

AlibreTranslate is new software that will be made available as part of the Alibre product family very soon, as well. Alibre was introduced as new mid-range CAD CAM software by CADDIT Australia two weeks ago. Alibre can be downloaded HERE. More details are to follow in this CAD CAM Blog...

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