16 February 2009

T-FLEX Design Quick-Start Tutorial PDF E-Book

A few readers didn't know about the handy T-FLEX 11 beginner's design guide normally found HERE on the hard disk after the T-FLEX 11 CAD installation. So for easy access and to benefit the curious, we are posting the document online again for everyone to have a look. There are some really helpful tips for beginners here so you might want to bookmark this page. Click on one of the pages to open the entire publication online in a new window. To download the entire PDF file version (without the embedded reader) click HERE.

T-FLEX CAD offers product design engineering PLM solutions similar to Pro/E, to some degree Unigraphics or even CATIA, but a fraction of the installation cost. Options include full multi-axis CNC milling & lathe cutting, FEA and kinematic simulation. T-FLEX PLM is used extensively by large companies like GEA Westfalia Separator and Festo. Read more about T-FLEX PLM here.

January 2010 NOTE: CADDIT has now published a quick Web Tutorial Overview for T-FLEX CAD HERE.

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