28 October 2014

Geomagic Freeform Released on CADDIT.net; New 2014 Version Offers Mouse Input, More..

Sydney, Australia 28 October 2014 - After several years of successful partnership with 3D Systems in Australia and users of their affordable Geomagic Design mechanical design software, CADDIT Australia has released Geomagic FREEFORM - a highly advanced organic CAD modelling and digital sculpting solution. Sensable Freeform was acquired by 3D Systems in April 2012 and is now a key component of the Geomagic software platform. Geomagic Freeform offers several unique features useful for artistic / organic computer aided design and digital sculpting:
  • 21st century cutting-edge, virtual-reality artist's studio software
  • Direct, natural carving and shaping technique like that used in traditional clay sculpting.
  • Virtual "clay" using relative-placement point cloud datasets of 3D pixels (called "voxels").
  • Human interaction with the computer model using "haptic" articulating arm device providing physical tactile "touch" sensation with the computer model.
  • Edit / clean / analyse / export CAD mesh datasets such as STL or OBJ.
  • Unique Bi-direction NURBS-mesh and mesh-NURBS conversion
  • Open C++ toolkit for development of custom haptic applications.
Geomagic Freeform is not a mechanical design software in the traditional sense. Aptly named, Freeform is mainly an artistic tool for digital sculpting, reverse engineering and content creation. Examples of uses for Geomagic Freeform are in the areas of fine art, toys and merchandise design, jewellery, footwear and apparel design, aftermarket product customizations, 3D printing, movie entertainment and animation content and model development, historical and restoration work, dental, medical and rehabilitation organic fittings and frames... virtually any application where design needs to fit natural freeform shapes as opposed to a more rigid mechanical specification.

The new version of Geomagic Freeform was first shown in June 2014 with 3D Systems and CADDIT at NMW in Sydney, with successive demonstrations held at various industry events. CADDIT is now happy to announce the availability of free brief demonstration bookings, by appointment, for this new haptic technology locally at their new Parramatta office location. Freeform can also be downloaded for a free trial from CADDIT and the software will now work with just a mouse (although having the haptic device is still strongly advised).

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