17 March 2008

progeCAD Smart! at work? Piracy laws tighten...

The BSA offers a $5,000* reward for information that leads to a successful action against a business entity using unauthorised software. It is illegal and against the terms of Smart! EULA to use progeCAD Smart! freeware for commercial or business purposes of any sort.

But warnings don't always work.
Twenty-nine percent of software installed on PCs in Australia in 2006 was obtained illegally, according to a new study by analyst house IDC, sponsored by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) -- a two percent drop from 2005 levels.

Measures are underway to deal with illegal use of Smart. CADDIT has
temporarily lowered the price of progeCAD 2008 Professional and progeCAD Standard 2008 to encourage businesses to legalize the use of this great product.

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