26 June 2008

T-FLEX CAD CAM Requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtime

It is possible after installing T-FLEX CAD CAM to experience the error when starting T-FLEX that the application has "terminated unexpectedly". One reason this could occur is if the computer is missing the Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime.

The .NET framework is not a T-FLEX specific program. It is an optional (and commonly used) part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The CADDIT T-FLEX CAD installer doesn't actually install this runtime automatically because most users probably already have it installed. But they must install it if they don't already have it.

Here is one trick to get it. The .NET 2.0 installer is actually included in the CADDIT T-FLEX installer's download package. Look for the "NetfxSetup" folder inside the temporary directory into which the CADDIT installer unpacks itself and then runs. Run "dotnetfx20.exe" for 32-bit XP or "NetFx64.exe" for 64 bit machines.

Alternatively, you can always download it direct from Microsoft:

Once more: users are reminded to have the Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime installed before installing T-FLEX CAD CAM 11.x.

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