08 February 2009

progeCAM CNC Milling Lathe Wire EDM for progeCAD IntelliCAD

progeCAM CNC Software for progeCAD 2009 has been released on CADDIT. progeCAM is an affordable CNC manufacturing package for progeCAD designers who would like to use a CNC mill, lathe or wire EDM machine for cutting their designs. The CADDIT progeCAM CNC package links progeCAD Professional to PartMaster CAM with a small plugin which adds several new machining commands directly to the progeCAD interface: pcamMILL, pcamTURN, pcamEDM - along with a pcamOPTION and pcamHELP command. Commands are enabled depending on the manufacturing license chosen. There is also a small progeCAD toolbar which can call these functions without typing.

The progeCAM manufacturing package including
progeCAD 2009, Dolphin CNC PartMaster and the CADDIT module is priced at a combined discount of more than 10% plus including the module software and support for free.

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Sean Ahner said...

It was good to hear that they have discount for this progeCam . It surely efective and it was a great way to the manufacturers to make their works easily done.