30 March 2009

VariCAD 2009 CAD for Linux and Windows Includes Parametrics

VariCAD and CADDIT released the first edition of their 2009 Parametric 3D Industrial Design CAD Software for Windows and Linux. VariCAD is practical CAD for mechanical design, structural steel, industrial layout, fit-out concept, sheet metal assembly, machine equipment and jig or check fixture model and detailing. VariCAD 2009 includes several important enhancements, including:
  • support for parameters
  • support for geometric constraints
  • enhanced possibilities for insertion and transformation of solids
  • new possibilities for editing shells
  • improved work with true type fonts in 2D
  • improved STEP file compatibility
  • improved DWG file compatibility and more
VariCAD 2009 does not use a full length feature tree as many CAD users may be accustomed. Rather, VariCAD 2009 introduces a unique "parameter table" approach to listing the values associated with model geometry. Users can choose to create specific design parameters for each feature or not. Model features without table parameters can still be modified directly in most cases using direct feature dimensioning.

The documentation includes several new Adobe flash video demonstration tutorials for learning the VariCAD Parametric system. Linux 3D CAD users should especially appreciate these new features on a native VariCAD Linux system. Debian/Ubuntu .deb and RH .rpm distributions will be available for download. For Microsoft Windows VariCAD can be downloaded free for 30 days HERE.

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