05 October 2009

Chief Architect Software Shafts Resellers as "Thank You"

I have been working in CAD support for over a decade. But it's not often that I read a CAD homepage like these quotes, as of 04.10.2009, from what was once Chief Architect in Australia (original misspelling included):

"Chief Architect Inc's USA short sighted management has made the decision that in an effort to support all Chief Architect users 'more efficiently' (?) they will totally eliminate the middle men.. i.e. their remaining commercial Chief Architect dealers acoss the world, before the end of the year.. and have started the ball rolling by terminating the contracts of Gordon McDermott and his dedicated team at BayCAD in New Zealand.. and of course ourselves here at Chief Australia.

May we however suggest that you read between the lines, and instead of the words 'more efficently' substitute.. 'now we'll be able to have ALL of the income from sales and support internationally.. not just the major portion of it'.

From a personal point of view.. we have spent thirteen years building up this business, and dedicated it almost exclusively to the sale and support of Chief Architect software. It has now just been totally destroyed by Chief Architect Inc with only 60 days notice.. notice initally delivered by email no less! So now we're all unemployed!...

Interestingly, there has been no contact with us at all from Greg Wells, the President of Chief Architect.. not a quick phone call offering a word of thanks, no golden handshake (God forbid).. or even so much a letter of appreciation for our years of hard work in establishing and building Chief Architect's user base here in Australia.. just a single sentence in an email that they sent out to our customers.

So on behalf of our loyal Australian users we'd just like to say..

Thanks for nothing Chief Architect!"


I wasn't actually surprised by the story, had already heard it from another former reseller. And although this kind of disloyalty disgusts me, it doesn't necessarily surprise me either. I find the apparent ingratitude from Chief Architect USA somewhat bold. But I would be surprised if a seasoned mid range CAD developer would really be so out of touch and so naive to believe that many will continue paying an Aussie-four-grand for an engineering package that doesn't offer local support. I guess time will tell what they really have in mind...

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