05 November 2009

Free progeCAD Upgrade Until 2010 Includes USB, Network and AutoCAD LT Upgrades

Sydney, Australia - CADDIT has announced several very exciting developments for progeCAD (design software) users.

First, we are happy to confirm that
progeCAD 2010 is now deep in development. This coming release of our favorite low-cost "AutoCAD clone" will include several important new features, such as ability to read and write the new AutoCAD 2010 DWG file format. progeCAD 2010 Professional will also offer unprescedented speed and stability, based on the new IntelliCAD 6.6 toolkit.

Second, as of Friday, 06 November 2009 AEST, all new and upgrade purchases of progeCAD 2009 Professional from CADDIT will be elligable for a free upgrade to an equivalent 2010 version license upon release. This "buy 2009 today - get 2010 tomorrow" offer applies to all new and upgrade progeCAD Professional, progeCAD USB, progeCAD Network NLM licenses purchased on or after this date. It also applies to "cross-over"
upgrades from AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, TurboCAD, ArchiCAD, Chief Architect and several other design software programs after this date. As last year, large scale corporate users will benefit the most from this offer. Users' progeCAD 2009 license(s) will be deactivated once that user has successfuly upgraded to 2010.

A follow up announcement will be made here when progeCAD 2010 is actually released.

Third, we are in final preparation of a new release for progeCAD Smart!
progeCAD Smart 2009 will be available strictly for non-business use only. proegCAD Smart! is not open-source software. Design professionals, engineers, contractors, businesses and enterprises should use progeCAD Professional in 30-day trial mode for evaluation. Company employees should not use progeCAD Smart! for this purpose. More information will be available upon announcing the product release.

progeCAD development and support has advanced considerably. CADDIT enjoys direct access to product developers, internal bug tracking and extensive manufacturer support. We encourage users to give the latest 2009 release a free try. Australia and New Zealand users may
download the full version progeCAD trial HERE, or request a free progeCAD CD HERE.

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