07 June 2010

Free Pro/ENGINEER Tryout Edition DVD from CADDIT

A new free PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire DVD software kit is available in Australia for evaluation from CADDIT Australia. This free "Pro/ENGINEER Experience" kit includes an interactive tutorial DVD (disk #1) and an easy-to-register 30 day full evaluation version of Pro/ENGINEER software (disk #2). Pro/ENGINEER is a high-end 3D modelling, manufacturing and simulation PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) platform used in industrial and product design, automotive and aerospace, marine and manufacturing for delivering a total single platform which can scale to meet the needs of any design requirement. Some of the improvements in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 include:
  • Completely new 2D detail drafting environment (this was first revealed on our blog here). The new framework uses the ribbon-like Fluent UI command navigation from Microsoft. Improved plot preview and use of Adobe TrueType fonts in text.
  • New social product development capabilities using Pro/ENGINEER’s brand new ProductPoint® platform, built on Microsoft® SharePoint® to better enable design teams to work together.
  • Enhanced Weld Design - New weld features, symbol annotations, and simulation enhancements enable you to design, document and analyze welded structures. You can analyze weldment models up to 10X faster, shown below:

  • Realtime photo-realistic rendering with raytracing support for shadows and reflections. Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering Extension (ARX) now includes the mental images rendering engine for unsurpassed realism.
  • Machine simulation can drive slot motor components along curves, quickly create belts to account for kinematic and dynamic coupling, analyze dynamic gears, and model 3D contacts. More high-end analysis capabilities with expanded support for heterogeneous units, improvements to icon and label displays, an intuitive dashboard UI for surface and volume regions, and support for materials plasticity.
  • Improved 5-axis CNC machining quickly and easily duplicate tool paths and leverage the process manager for turning operations, such as area turning, grooving and profile turning.
  • Exchange Autodesk Inventor® and SolidWorks® files, including non-geometric data exchange capabilities - you can preserve 3D notes, annotations and metadata in neutral formats. And the new 3D import wizards and usability enhancements for AutobuildZ™ and Import DataDoctor™.
  • Improvements in speed, ease of use, completely new Pro/ENGINEER Spark Analysis and Manikin Extensions, a new "Rib Tool" for plastic part design and many other enhancements...

This DVD kit is a valuable, limited time opportunity for companies to have easy access to the latest parametric CAD design technology in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5. For those interested in data management and the new Social Product Development technology, a chance to work with a live ProductPoint PDM server will also be provided. Special discount prices for Pro/ENGINEER licenses are also available until the end of June.

Australian SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) companies, individual company staff members or management can request this kit from CADDIT HERE (Australia only). In other countries you may need to contact your local PTC partner or contact PTC directly.

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