11 May 2012

progeCAD 2011 Update Released to CADDIT Customers

An important update for progeCAD Professional 2011 has been released free for exististing 2011 users on CADDIT.net. This free update improves compatibility with the newest versions of AutoCAD. Speed and reliability mainly for advanced 2D detailing functions and CAD framework for developers. (Previous users of progeCAD 2011 or 2009 versions can also upgrade to the newer version via the CADDIT upgrade-for-progeCAD page here: http://www.caddit.net/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=12&language=en )

New users can get a free trial of the updated progeCAD software HERE. Some of the many improvements in this update include:
  • Fixed problem saving files, autocad 2013  doesn't open anymore
  • Fixed Italic and Bold style in MTEXT dialog
  • Fixed PurgeAll method from VBA
  • Fixed some crash with specific printer at statup
  • Fixed the bug with -image Path command line
  • Fixed search path in EasyArch
  • Fixed load of toolbar in XML
  • Fixed UCS toolbar in some languages
  • Fixed loading of dwg with some specific drawing
  • Fixed crash in UNION command when it's called from LISP with non ACIS entities
  • LISP: Fixed command in LISP with number near to 0 (eg: 1.0e-8), it was converted to 0
  • LISP: Fixed error with LISP calling PEDIT that closes an already closed polyline
  • Improved editing of attributes in DDATTE dialog preselecting attribute's value
  • Fixed problem that causes drawing disappears
  • Changed version in about dialog
  • Fixed EXTRUDE command with 3DFACE object
  • Fixed Extrude of 3dface with 3 segments
  • VBA : Fixed HandleToObject VBA method with erased entity
  • LISP: Fixed crash from lisp when entmod is called with partial list
  • Fixed DIMTOFL support when text is outside of extension lines
  • Fixed dimension creation and edit , suppressed dimension lines when text is outside
  • Fixed dimension grip movement after latest changes
  • Fixed dimension change after edit operation (MOVE, STRETCH)
  • Fixed CommercialPI font in dimension
  • Fixed save of ICAD environment variable
  • fixed problem with inserting a hatch from the icad.pat library
  • Fixed express tools commands : BEXTEND,BLOCKTOXREF, BTRIM, NCOPY
  • Fixed getenv of ICAD variable after previous commit
  • Fixed loose of ICAD environment variable after OPTIONS command
  • Fixed bug with easyarch layer select
  • Fixed open a file with bad font name
  • Fixed VIEW RESTORE in drawing with not world UCS
  • Fixed '!' to query value of lisp variable
  • Fixed dimension change after edit operation (MOVE, STRETCH)
  • Fixed bug with TCOUNT command crashing
  • Removed close of progecad when register of application object fails
  • Fixed problem on startup
  • Fixed Stacked text position in Multiline text
  • Explode text command now working with multi line texts
  • Fixed various issues printing PDF using COM/ActiveX interface
  • Changed EasyARCH behaviour to avoid the settings mask if about and settings command was launched
  • Modified the saving of parameters in EasyARCH and added a settings.dat file, needed for this change_color
  • Added: vl-remove, vl-position, vl-list-length.
  • SOLVED problem "reject function" message when opening a dwg file selected from user library
  • RESOLVED bug on icadlib filtering SCALE and ROTATE commands
  • SOLVED problem on ICADLIB when progecad is opened after with a double click on a dwg file

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