19 April 2013

Important progeCAD 2013 Update Released. Try-It-Again Offer from CADDIT.net

Sydney, Australia 18 April 2013 - CADDIT has released an important update for progeCAD 2013 on their progeCAD webpage. Since the initial release of progeCAD 2013, several hundred improvements and small fixes have been added to progeCAD 2013. These improvements cover functional areas as diverse as PDF printing, image manipulation, network file access, graphics, AutoLISP and other command areas. A few new undocumented system variables have also been added to progeCAD. These include the new MINOPENGL variable for setting the minimal OPENGL version requirement to activate graphics acceleration. For users with older systems and perhaps experiencing cursor/graphics issues in progeCAD, we recommend setting MINOPENGL to a lower value. Another setting has also been added to force NVIDIA GPUs to work with progecad on notebooks with dual GPU.

Users who unsuccessfully tried progeCAD 2013 before March 2013 are encouraged to try the program again. For such users with access to only one PC, CADDIT can arrange for resetting the trial period. The trial user needs to contact CADDIT.net HERE for having it reset: http://www.caddit.net/store/index.php?main_page=contact_us
This offer is only open until 15 May 2013.

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