03 June 2014

Review of New Features and Licensing for Geomagic Design V16 (2015)

Sydney, Australia 30 May 2014 - CADDIT is happy to announce the first steps of integration to the new licensing for Geomagic Design and other 3D Systems software products including Geomagic Freeform. Geomagic Design is the de facto low cost 3D CAD solution for parametric mechanical CAD design. A few weeks earlier, a significant update was released to Geomagic Design support subscribers which made several significant adjustments in the product:

Operating Systems - Geomagic Design continues to support 32 and 64-bit operating systems:
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Requires Graphics Card with DirectX 9.0c or above and 32 bit true color
  • Windows XP is now unsupported by Microsoft and officially unsupported by 3D Systems. CADDIT can therefore provide general information on software usage as long as the question is not XP-specific.
Import wireframe mesh as CAD solid (new):
  • Geomagic Design, Geomagic Freeform and Geomagic Studio include proprietary "autosurfacing" libraries which can convert mesh models to solids. This revolutionary, one-of a kind technology has been simplified for inclusion into the low-cost Geomagic Design software.
  • There are two options in the Geomagic Design wizard-driven version: import as "organic shape" or import as "mechanical shape". These options use different algorithms to compute NURBS curves to represent the imported mesh, one with stricter planar/arc based "feature" recognition and one suited for non-parametric freeform topologies. Import as "organic shape" will also allow the user to merge the imported shape with an opened CAD part file.
wireframe mesh STL OBJ to NURBS solid model conversion
TeamPlatorm integration:
  • Designers may now sign in directly to 3D Systems cloud storage from within Geomagic Design and share models and designs electronically.
Geomagic Design Viewer Mode:
  • A new Geomagic CAD viewer has been implemented. The CAD viewer allows users to open and view native Geomagic Design and Elements files as well as DWG and DXF files. In addition, users will be able to take measurements, obtain physical properties of a design and use the Redline tools for markups. Files can then be saved or uploaded/downloaded from TeamPlatform.
Flexnet Licensing:
  • Perhaps most importantly, Geomagic Design has incorporated a new licensing tool which will allow users to directly manage the activation and deactivation of software licenses. Geomagic Design no longer connects to Alibre CRM for license updates and can be moved ad-hoc by the user themselves. There are several licensing options now available including live floating network, virtual USB and physical USB dongles. These licenses options can be reviewed by opening the Geomagic "GSLicenseUtil.exe" directly or calling it from the main menu -> Help -> About Geomagic Design -> "License Key Status" button:
This new license system incorporates the use of serial codes issued from 3D Systems. Please note that we are finishing our migration to this system license deliveries may experience a short delay. CADDIT staff are very excited about these new features in Geomagic Design as they reflect a great deal of investment from 3D Systems to unify their software product portfolio and add value for the end-user.
Geomagic Design is available in Australia through CADDIT, and we invite users to test drive the new version. Download and test drive Geomagic Design V16 HERE (note you may need to rename the downloaded adding an .exe extension to run it). Even if users have tried a previous version they can still download and trial the new V16 version without any extension requests to us (unlike before). Form more information about Geomagic Design in Australia contact CADDIT.

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