03 August 2020

Free Upgrade begins for progeCAD 2021

Sydney, Australia 03 August - CADDIT announces the free upgrade to 2021 version for all progeCAD purchases on or after 01 August 2020. progeCAD is a powerful general-purpose 2D and 3D CAD package which offers very similar work environment as AutoCAD, with additional tools and  lower price. With progeCAD, designers have a professional yet affordable perpetual-license alternative to high-cost AutoCAD rental fees, with the ability to create, read, write and edit native AutoCAD DWG and DXF files fluently using and interface very similar to what AutoCAD already know. Based in Sydney, CADDIT has been supporting progeCAD users in Australia, New Zealand and surrounds for more than twelve years.

Along with new features, progeCAD 2021 will deliver a significant modernization of progeCAD's overall drawing environment. progeCAD's Start page has a fresh new look, and new Ribbons have been prepared for different types of users. progeCAD 2021 will offer a new "full-screen" mode and users can now "query" through overlapping entities with selection cycling. SELFILTER opens an updated Filter panel for quick re-use of selection sets, and UNDO operations can now be selected from an UNDO list. progeCAD 2021 updates the Tool Palettes with palette grouping and the ability to share existing palettes and build new palettes almost instantly. progeCAD 2021 now enables to change layer visualizations per-viewport with its new VPLAYER command. MTEXT, POLYGON, AREA and ARRAY commands have been significantly improved with new associativity options. Specific ARRAYPOLAR, ARRAYRECT and ARRAYEDIT commands have been added to accelerate array definition and modification.

progeCAD Professional 2021
CAD software users can now qualify for their free progeCAD 2021 Upgrade, with any new or upgrade progeCAD license purchase after 01 August 2020.

progeCAD 2021 will also follow through in its ongoing commitment to offering the most powerful set of data translation tools, so that users can share and receive information with a broader range of other designers, customers and partners. progeCAD 2021 will now read SolidWorks files directly - both individual SLDPRT part files as well as collective SLDASM assembly files. Other users may be happy to know that progeCAD 2021 will begin supporting the in-drawing use of QR codes. progeCAD will also save users potentially hundreds of hours with new PDF batch import functionality in the 2021 release - as well as save countless hours with the new AUTOPUBLISH command, which automatically creates export files (.dwf/.pdf) from the current drawing and saves to a specified location on saving or closing the DWG file. Three new commands will be introduced which will could completely change the way designers draw in 3D: CONVTOSURFACE, CONVTOSOLID and CONVTOMESH. These new key commands will allow designers to convert geometry between 3D solids, surfaces and meshes. RCS and RCP POINTCLOUD import now includes bounding box and size calculation. progeCAD DATAEXTRACTION has been enhanced to auto-populate tables and schedules from block attributes and drawing properties. Even copy-paste will offer in-command alignment rotation.

If you work with very large CAD files, progeCAD 2021 will also improve graphics performance for on-board graphics, offering a new “Use Frame buffer object display system” GPU option. “Hide small entity in block” will offer further speed by masking small details from inserted blocks for faster regen and display time. PRINT PREVIEW has been updated with better speed and viewing flexibility. ISOLINES, Conceptual and Realistic 3D rendering have all been improved for progeCAD 2021 as well.

The current progeCAD 2020 release is now quite well tested for supporting a variety of environments, and is still available for free trial download in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. progeCAD's flexibility makes it practical as a low-cost design solution for a variety of Australian and overseas industries including architecture, landscaping, land survey and GIS, mining, advertising and signage design, fabrication, spa and pool design, kitchen and bath, cabinetry and many others. To qualify for this free upgrade offer, simply order any quantity progeCAD 2020 (English) new or upgrade licenses from CADDIT.net on or after 01 August 2020. Multiple purchases will qualify for multiple upgrades. progeCAD 2020 Upgrades from older versions also qualify under this promotion, including all new progeCAD USB and Network license upgrades. Note that eligible users with a USB upgrade will not be required to replace their hardware dongle for the next version. Within a few weeks after the 2021 release announcement, eligible users will have eligible progeCAD 2020 license keys automatically upgraded to run either version of their preference - progeCAD 2020 or 2021. Promotion does not apply to OEM repackaging or to languages other than English. This promotion will run until progeCAD 2021 release is announced on this website. Contact CADDIT Australia for more information about progeCAD or this upgrade offer.

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