03 January 2022

progeCAD 2022 Milestone AutoCAD Alternative Released on CADDIT.net

 Sydney, Australia 3 January - CADDIT Announces the release of progeCAD 2022 on CADDIT.net for Australia and New Zealand. progeCAD is an advanced general-purpose 2D and 3D CAD package with similar commands to AutoCAD but with perpetual license and lower price. CADDIT has been supporting progeCAD users in the Australia/New Zealand region for almost fifteen years.  Now, after months of thorough testing, the CADDIT team is happy to announce their official release of this milestone product version.

progeCAD 2022 from CADDIT Australia
progeCAD 2022 from CADDIT Australia

progeCAD 2022 from CADDIT Australia offers a dramatic feature update over previous versions. 2D Drafting now includes a fully-implemented and hugely improved interface for drawing text and data TABLES, including improved cell support and a full list of FIELD types. Data cell selection now seamlessly brings up a full text editor. DIESEL fields are now properly implemented and real-time spell checking has been added for text. MTEXT likewise has new support for clear and strike-through formatting, as well as better symbol- sub- and super-script support. progeCAD 2022 now offers the much-anticipated SHEET SET MANAGER displays, publishes and manages sheet sets, a named collection of drawing sheets. Each sheet in a Sheet Set is a layout in a drawing (DWG) file.

A new geometry solver improves reliability for almost all drawing commands like Trim, Chamfer, Fillet, Hatch etc. General performance improvements have also been made to FILE open speeds, REGEN, SAVE, AUTOSAVE as well as the end user's experience in OSNAP, LAYOUT and many other commands. General interface improvements have been made to the program's START page, VIEW MANAGER, SETTINGS window, CUI customization dialog and the ARRAY command. Feature GROUP handling is now offered in progeCAD via the new GROUPEDIT command, complete with visualization grips. Several new tools will save estimators time in progeCAD, such as the new TOTALAREA command which gives the sum total of multiple selected closed entities, the new ATTSYNC command which updates attributes for all block instances (useful for updating material lists) or IMPOINT which automates the creation of new points, polylines or splines from coordinates in a text file. TPNAVIGATE has also been added for palette navigation, which can be helpful for users who create or use multiple tool palettes.

progeCAD 2022 new TABLE and FIELD support
New TABLE and FIELD interface for progeCAD 2022

progeCAD 2022 now supports all new Spacemouse and CADmouse models from 3DConnexion. This can be an absolute boon for end users doing a lot of 3D design in progeCAD. 3D Solids now fully support the use of GRIPS for direct editing. a new 3D STEEL library for quick 3D weldment design in progeCAD has also been added.

A free no-obligation thirty-day trial of progeCAD 2022 can be downloaded directly from CADDIT Australia here, even if you have downloaded progeCAD before. Due to the significant improvements made to this software for this version, we need to repeat our usual call for existing users to strongly consider a low cost upgrade to progeCAD 2022 stand-alone, USB or Network licenses. We plan to publish several more in-depth reviews of the important new features in progeCAD 2022. Please contact CADDIT at their Sydney office with any questions.

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