28 December 2009

TransMagic R8 sp3 Released in Australia through CADDIT

Vendor-neutral design collaboration over the network, CAD model repair and healing, cross-platform solid model translation, model analysis and measurement, batch translation, perspective rendering - these are just a few features enhanced by the latest release of TransMagic in Australia / New Zealand by CADDIT. TransMagic converts CATIA, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, JT, Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor and many other 3D formats.
TransMagic R8 sp3 enhancements include:
  • TransMagic is now fully supported on both Intel 64-bit and Windows 7 systems.
  • Drastically improved rendering performance for re-rendering geometry changes. The rendering engine now intelligently determines only what has changed and re-renders only that vs. re-rendering the entire scene after small changes.
  • New "Show Un-Repaired Geometry" dialog that gets launched when appropriately during the Auto-Repair Wizard
  • TransMagic now offers two different methods for stock size calculation "bounding box" - precise and fast.
  • CATIA V5 Environment now created on a per user account basis - allows any account type to establish the TM V5 Environment automatically without any user rights issue.
  • Siemens Unigraphics JT Facet Resolution can now be one of five settings for "normal deviation" and correspond to the following settings: Lowest accuracy (fastest) = 45 degrees, Low = 30 degrees, Normal = 15 degrees, High = 10 degrees, Highest accuracy (slowest) = 5 degrees
  • Added JT assembly output types: Single File Assembly Entire assembly in one file. Typical Assembly Assembly JT files + part JT files. Typical Assembly w/Directory Typical assembly JT file + directory. All Assembly Files Each assembly is a JT file including parts.
  • Upgraded to JT Open 5.3.
  • More enhancements to stability, speed, command-line interface and batch mode CAD file translations.

autocad CATIA Inventor JT Unigraphics ProE 3d files

TransMagic native 64-Bit permanently changes the landscape for large CAD file translation by solving this common manufacturing problem. TransMagic reports that the new platform offers 10-20% better performance and a tremendous increase in CAD software file size capability. Translating multi-gigabyte files on a single computer is now a reality, with TransMagic 64-Bit.

TransMagic users with active maintenance can upgrade to SP3 free of charge. TransMagic 8 sp3 can be downloaded directly from CADDIT in Australia HERE. CADDIT can be contacted about options for TransMagic 64-bit, batch mode and command-line translation enterprise solutions HERE.

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