13 August 2010

Mathcad 15.0 Integration with Knovel Math

MathCAD 15.0 now integrates Knovel® Math for updated MathCAD Extended Libraries for Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering. Knovel Math offers MathCAD users fully documented engineering and math worksheets from trusted reference works which have been validated and quality tested. Transcribing equations for math calculations is often an extremely time consuming process. Knovel Math helps to speed up this process by quickly finding the required calculations, changing the input values in MathCAD and updating these instantly. Topics can be quickly searched and MathCAD enabled articles will be identified by the symbol . Articles are offered in both US Customary units and metric units for ease of use. Articles are opened in MathCAD with anything highlighted in green are the input values that can be changed and yellow highlighting indicates the output values which are updated instantly. MathCAD 14 users can also use the old Library Extensions from that version on MathCAD 15, as well.

How Does Knovel Benefit Mathcad 15 Users?
Active PTC Maintenance Support Customers have additional access to several other resources including Knovel. Members need to log into the website http://www.ptc.com/support/maintenance/gold/index.htm and follow the links to the Knovel website. Log in requires your active PTC Web Support username and password. For a limited time, PTC Maintenance Customers can sign-up and gain free access to Knovel without obligation. MathCAD customers are also entitled to 10 free downloads in any format (MathCAD, Excel, PDF etc).

What Kind of Solution Content Does Knovel Offer?
Knovel Math provides a variety of MathCAD worksheets on topics such as statics, stress and strain, flexural analysis, steel, concrete and timber, surveying, fluid mechanics, engineering economics to name a few. Using Knovel Math’s search database makes it easy to find worksheets or browse through the several MathCAD enabled articles. Once the desired worksheet is found, clicking on the MathCAD link will automatically download the worksheet into MathCAD. All documents are fully documented with detailed descriptions, some diagrams and worked examples.
Knovel also currently offers a “Free Titles Package” which is a free subscription package containing more than 10 premier handbooks and databases. Registration is free however this package won’t allow you access to the full to all the information available but it does give you enough access to get a taste of what Knovel can offer. Several of their most widely used titles are included in the free subscription which includes:
• Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences
• Electric Machinery and Transformers (3rd Edition)
• Engineering Problem Solving - A Classical Perspective
• Essential Practices for Managing Chemical Reactivity Hazards
• Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables
• Handbook of Nanomedicine
• Hyperspectral Data Compression
• International Critical Tables of Numerical Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology (1st Electronic Edition)
• Knovel Critical Tables (2nd Edition)
• Knovel Sample Book
• Large-Scale Adsorption and Chromatography, Volumes 1-2
• Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization (MMPDS-01)
• Smithsonian Physical Tables (9th Revised Edition)
• Teaching Engineering
• Wettability
As an added bonus Knovel® also offers registered users access to new and popular handbooks via their “Titles of the Week Program” where every week, 2 popular titles from their extensive databases are chosen and made available for a limited time. All of which can be used to enhance your MathCAD experience especially for those with a strong engineering background. Knovel® Math can be accessed via MathCAD in the main page by going to Tools > Knovel® > Search Knovel Math. This will direct you to their website or alternatively you can go to http://www.knovel.com/web/portal/main.

The new Knovel MathCAD options are one aspect of the value Mathcad 15 delivers to its users. For a free demo of Mathcad 15 inside Australia, test users can download the free full-version trial HERE. Users outside Australia should contact their local PTC partner, or contact PTC directly.

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