17 July 2013

Geomagic Design 2014 Released on CADDIT.net with new Motion and FEA Options

Sydney Australia - Geomagic Design 2014 has been released on CADDIT Australia. One central aspect to this update is name change for all of the package levels as follows:

Geomagic Design Personal Edition is now Cubify Design
Geomagic Design Professional is now Geomagic Design ELEMENTS
Geomagic Design Expert is now Geomagic Design

This will take a little getting used to for some of us, so CADDIT continues to maintain the comparison chart on their website regarding the differences between these package levels. Also released with Geomagic Design 2014 is an extra, optional upgrade to Motion 2.0 called Alibre Dynamics and an FEA option called Simulate. The Dynamics package has been released at a very affordable cost for existing and new full Geomagic Design users under active subscription. Cubify and Design ELEMENTS users will have to upgrade to the top level Geomagic Design first before qualifying for the discounted Dynamics package.

Geomagic Design Dynamics - fantastic motion studies at low cost for Geomagic Design users on active subscription. Cubify and ELEMENT user will need to upgrade to Geomagic Design first.

Also announced was a new FEA (Finite Element Analysis) option called Simulate which extends the motion dynamics package with full 3D FEA in a unified interface for both motion simulation and finite element analysis studies. Study types include stress/strain, vibrational, thermal, etc. Use of powerful combined dynamics/FEA simulation allows for joint forces from the motion to be converted to distributed loads, inertial information is transferred into the FEA model and stress, and strain which can be re-calculated at every step of the simulation. Both packages include full comprehensive help and tutorials and can open ACIS solid models directly. Both packages are very user-friendly.


Geomagic Design 2014 also includes dozens of small fixes and enhancements in the base product of the software so any user under active subscription will benefit - but for the simulation software users will need to be using the latest version of Geomagic Design (not Cubify or ELEMENT) and pay the option fee(s). All prices for these options are listed in AUD on CADDIT.net HERE.
For more information about Geomagic Design 2014 or for a trial, visit us at: http://www.caddit.net/cad-cam-software/geomagic.php

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