03 November 2016

Understanding progeCAD Upgrade Options

Many advances have been made in progeCAD development in recent years. Apart from native 64-bit CAD editing and better OpenGL hardware support for premium graphics cards, progeCAD continues to maintain its highest level of compatibility with recent Windows and AutoCAD updates. For some users, choosing the right progeCAD upgrade can be a bit confusing. This is understandable. Aside from the basic types of upgrades such as floating Network licenses, portable USB or Stand-Alone, there are also several different options for each type.

The first tip is that the latest version of progeCAD supports the same DWG file format as did previous versions. This means that progeCAD will open drawings even if they are created in a version several years earlier. Of course, as with all versions, the DWG format itself should be correct and error-free. As mentioned on the CADDIT forum, regular use of progeCAD tools like "audit", "purge" as well as regular backups can keep drawings safe and free of any format errors.

The second tip is that - unlike other CAD systems - it is still possible to upgrade from any commercial version of progeCAD without paying the full cost of a new license. For example, even if a user has a 2008 license there is still a discount for "trading in" the old license towards a new 2017 version. Here is how.

To upgrade any version of progeCAD we start on the CADDIT webstore:

If a user prefers to use the webstore categories, all progeCAD upgrades can be found under the "progeCAD Upgrades" category.

It is possible to upgrade from any type of paid progeCAD license to any other type of paid progeCAD license. Under the "progeCAD Upgrades" category, we see several different types of license that can be selected for the upgrade. progeCAD licenses are upgraded on a one for one exchange basis. That is, for one "older" valid license code (which has not been, for example, already upgraded before), a user is entitled to one upgrade price in the license type of their choice. If a company has multiple licenses, there is no requirement to upgrade all of them, but it would be advisable to do so. Of course, the user does not need to change the license type just to upgrade - they are welcome to keep on the same type as the older one they are upgrading from (e.g. Single). The point is, either way works. Any of the upgrade products will activate the latest version of software (currently progeCAD 2017):


For example: we could decide that a floating network license would be more suitable for our company, rather than the single seat license which we had now since, say, 2013-2014. In that case we could begin to order our upgrade by clicking on the "progeCAD 2017 Network License Upgrade" product, even though what we have now is a 2014 Stand-Alone license from three years ago. Clicking on the product title opens the product page - in this example the product page for "progeCAD 2017 Network License Upgrade". A similar process works if a user wishes to change to a USB, or simply to keep their Single license updated. Simply click the product title for the license type you wish to upgrade TO (or, to keep).

The forth tip is to select the correct options for the upgrade. Once on the product page for the type of upgrade we want, we still need to tell the system what we are upgrading from -> which support option that we want, etc. The upgrade options are currently located toward the bottom of each product page. Some options will affect the total price of the upgrade. For our example, we are upgrading a 2014 stand-alone to a 2017 Network license. Looking at the drop down options for "Which CAD System do you currently use?" we see a few different choices. Choosing the right option here will prevent delays when our order is checked. Since progeCAD 2014 Stand-Alone is not specifically listed, the correct option is "Other (Specify ..).." as shown below:

Once the correct options are clicked, we only need to Add to Cart and Check Out per usual. We notice that by upgrading our existing old stand-alone license, we save more than $100 from the cost that buying a new Network License outright. Similar cost savings are available for other types of progeCAD licenses - even very old ones. This upgrade option allows progeCAD users to claim a measure of value back, even after using a license for many years. This upgrade option also helps ensure that users enjoy more productive software while contributing to the development of this powerful AutoCAD alternative. Of course, it would be impossible to cover every upgrade topic in a single article. So, as usual, we would close this post by saying that any questions about progeCAD upgrade offers can be sent to CADDIT through the contact details on the website.

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